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  1. How to build the Starship Enterprise in TrueSpace 3
  2. How to build the Starship Enterprise in TrueSpace 3
  3. Sun tutorial for 3D Studio Max.
  4. Planetary Rings in Lightwave
  5. Stargate event horizon
  6. Saucer tricks the Mad Fish way.
  7. Modeled lettering - The goatboy method
  9. Fantails, starship shuttle butts. ETC
  10. Modeling the Enterprise in Cinema 4D
  11. Warp 9 in Photoshop!
  12. Star trek warp tutorial (In hipnovision)
  13. Wings 3d Tuts
  14. Wings 3d Tuts
  15. Detailing in SketchUp
  16. Reality 101
  17. How to make a UVW Texture Map in 3DS Max 8
  18. Interactive planet-creation tutorial
  19. Windows via boolean cut (max) The MadFish Way. . .
  20. Mad lighting! for MAX
  21. Tutorial: Create A Warp Starfield
  22. Nicer Specular Bloom (PS)
  23. Solid modelling in AutoCad
  24. Please read this before you post
  25. Blender Video Tut
  26. Lightning Bolt tutorial needed
  27. Starship windows with Interior
  28. Starship windows with Interior
  29. Shield hits in LW 8
  30. Warp Streaks - Lightwave 8
  31. Request Sun Tutorial not Zasurus
  32. The Unofficial SFM Crew Calculator
  33. Klavs' Simple Texturing Tutorial
  34. Fast galactica style ribs and armour in Max
  35. Bringing back the Dead! (AKA Roliba's TMP-era nacelle tutorial)
  36. [TUTORIAL] Creating a place of mind
  37. Model making part 1
  38. Modelling a world. (Simple.) 3dsMax 8
  39. quick watermark tutorial
  40. My Rhino video tutorial
  41. Mad Hull plating The MadFish Way!
  42. warpnacelle tutorial
  43. How to use UV mapper for efficient UV maps
  44. Begginers' tutorial on Rhino: Ship's Railing #1
  45. Planetary Rings, using 2d texture
  46. Putting edges where you want in trueSpace 3.2
  47. Lightwave - Slipspace Effect
  48. The 'End-All-Be-All 2D Human Anatomy Tutorial Thread'
  49. Ivy Generator and 3Ds Max (8)
  50. Tips & Tricks: Modeling Hi / Low Poly Models for Next-Gen Games
  51. Not from my own, but...
  52. The Last Hope!
  53. Planetary Rings in Lightwave 3D
  54. Phaser FX
  55. Creating Photorealistic water
  56. TS - K'tinga mesh and texture tut
  57. UVW MAPPING Basics
  58. Klingon textures - Really Good!
  59. A couple of Max poly modeling tutorials
  60. Panelling in Blender, the Freaky way.
  61. 3DS MAX - Loft Compound method
  62. 3DS MAX - From a spline to a McLaren
  63. Matching Lightwave classic and advanced camera (single point polys)
  64. MichaelS' Shading Tutorial (2D)
  65. BSG Shot break out and compositing tutorial with OpenEXR
  66. Chamfering : An alternate method for Maxers
  67. Spud's quick and easy and slightly cheating window modeling guide
  68. Spud's quick and easy nacelle detail basics
  69. Creating a Basic Animation in Blender Part 1
  70. Sunbeams in Photoshop
  71. Volumetrics in Gimp
  72. Texture Painting Technique for Photoshop or similar
  73. Planet Tutorial - A Different Approach
  74. LW9.3 - Hyperspace Window - Well, kinda
  75. create a HD Earth with clouds, atmosphere video tut
  76. Asteroid field in Lightwave
  77. Subdivision / Subpatch video tutorials
  78. Subpatch video - how to create threads on a bottle / screw
  79. Subpatch Video - how to create pipe joints - Lightwave
  80. Video Tutorial - Modeling a Perfume Bottle (LW)
  81. Insignias and lettering...
  82. Crew Calculator V3
  83. Video Tutorial: Creating a DNA Double-Helix - LW
  84. Making starfields and nebulae for Vue (and Bryce)
  85. Flipping Normals to Create Internal Illumination in TrueSpace 4
  86. Smooth Panels [App unspecific]
  87. Sketchup Modeling Tutorials
  88. Stargate Ancient Warships
  89. Three Quality Spacescape Tutorials
  90. Vue: Volumetric shaded Nebulae and galaxies
  91. Galactica Exausts
  92. Rigging made easy
  93. Revolving lights using radiosity (LW)
  94. creating random asteroids in max
  95. Stargate Kawoosh - 3ds Max Tutorial
  96. The SketchUp Tips & Tricks thread
  97. [Vue] Subsurface Scattering for flesh.
  98. Making fantasy game?
  99. Tutorial: Stargate Event Horizon MAX
  100. Warp Doppler Light Effect In 3DS Max
  101. Tutorial: Creating a Lightsaber in Cinema.
  102. Trio of new Tutorials, Vue and Poser :)
  103. Vue: close-up asteroid rings :)
  104. Blender 2.46+ Braided Hair
  105. Pulse's Madness: Textures and Tidbits
  106. Smoke Trails In 3DS Max
  107. Exhaust mapping
  108. Tutorial #44: Making a 3D Planet (mostly for Vue)
  109. Transforming a photo into a blueprint
  110. Blender nodes tutorial - Glowing objects
  111. Texturing a Starship
  112. Armor and ribs, Quick and easy...
  113. Making a wormhole in 3ds Max
  114. saucer grid tutorial
  115. Making Ringed Planets (In Detail) In 3ds Max
  116. My Own Phaser Tutorial For 3ds Max (Non-Video Post Users, Recommended for Beginners)
  117. Video Tutorial: Subdivision Compound Curve Cutouts
  118. Animator's 3DSMax Video Tutorials
  119. How to: create energy shield (Stargate style)
  120. [Art] Tutorial #47: Postwork - Making a Render Intense
  121. Tutorial #48: Render settings in Vue :)
  122. Pipes / Tubes in Cinema 4D
  123. Realistic Clouds on a Planet (Max 2009+)
  124. Grembling [Tuturorial]
  125. Clay renders in Maya [Tutorial]
  126. Engineering with Blender
  127. How to: Defiant in Lightwave
  128. Florence design academy tips
  129. Max: Clay / Hidden Line Rendering
  130. Has anyone ever tinkered with Delcam Powershape????
  131. HoloTutorial?
  132. Sketchup Concept Spacecraft Modelling [plus a car!]
  133. Lots of Training!
  134. a Shot of Xpresso
  135. Star Trek Style Warp Stars Tutorial in 3D Studio Max 9
  136. Star Wars Style Enter Warp Effect Tutorial in 3D Studio Max 9
  137. Tutorial Video Holiday Sale!!
  138. Modeling a Futuristic City in 3ds Max (And adding postwork in Photoshop)
  139. Volumetric's in Autodesk 3D Studio Max
  140. Basic Pen/Pencil Drawing Tutorial
  141. Cutting Deflector Grids in Blender. (Along mesh lines.)
  142. Does ANYONE have the "Windows via boolean cut (max) The MadFish Way"
  143. 101 Things you didnt know in 3DS Max ...in fact, it's 104 things!
  144. High tech wings in blender, easy.
  145. Modelling the GUNDAM RX-78-2
  146. An Introduction to Subdivision (High-Poly) Modeling Tools and Techniques (very good!)
  147. Free vids, price cuts and seminars oh my!
  148. Deks Photorealisitc Planet Tutorial
  149. Hard Surface Modeling Tut (By Grant Warwick)
  150. engine exhaust/afterburner (3d)
  151. Creating Normandy SR1 in 3DS MAX
  152. Understand about Edge Loops (in portuguese-br)
  153. [Video] Sci-Fi Door, ready for normal map baking
  154. lighting and plating help
  155. 3d design autocad tips : How to Change Dimension Text in AutoCAD
  156. Trek Tractor Beam?
  157. Hard Texturing: Because there’s More than One Way to Skin a Starship
  158. Star Trek Voyager-like Transporter After Effects Tutorial
  159. Sketchup: Rounding off edges on offset Geometry/Faces
  160. LightWave: Star Trek style phaser strips
  161. Blender Shortcut Tips
  162. Blender - Custom Helmets for TES4:Oblivion
  163. Blender Video - Attaching Textures for TES4:Oblivion
  164. Blender Video - Convex Collision for TES4:Oblivion
  165. Blender - Weapons with Multiple Collision Objects for TES4:Oblivion
  166. Blender - How to Import / Export Armor for TES4:Oblivion
  167. Blender - Split Oblivion Meshes
  168. Easy cleanup of the boolean leftovers, for blender
  169. control - paint
  170. Half procedural texturing
  171. Vector images
  172. Jet,Turbo,Light,Flame Exhausts Tutorial C4d-3d
  173. Quick Tip: Render Multiple Views in one shot - BLENDER
  174. Bussard Lights and Domes - 3D Studio Max
  175. Starfield using Max Materials
  176. specific tutorial needed for Sketchup
  177. 3D Printing Info
  178. Make a phaser beam using Linked Xform
  179. Crew Calculator V4
  180. How to: 3D Studio Max Fake Light Sources...
  181. Texturing the Enterprise Saucer
  182. Tutorial: Hull under construction
  183. 3DS Max tutorial site for beginner
  184. LightWave > AE OpticalFlares Integration trick!
  185. How to build the U.S.S. Enterprise in Lightwave3D.
  186. Texturing a Klingon hull
  187. Create 3D Screensaver Models Correctly For AC3D's 3D Screensaver Using Blender 2.63a
  188. Reset The Pivot Point (the Origin) Of An Object To Any Position And Rotation
  189. How to make a model and to move the viewpoint in Blender?
  190. Jump Flash Effect
  191. Tutorial: Build your own X-Wing in Lightwave
  192. Creating the Baryon Sweep Effect from "Starship Mine"
  193. Large Video Tutorial: Modelling a Star Trek based Spaceship with Blender 2.5
  194. 3ds Max Tutorials for Beginners
  195. sketchup models into blender
  196. Crew Calculator Version 5
  197. Crew Calcualtor Version 6
  198. Tutorial I made for creating phaser effects in Adobe After Effects
  199. 3ds MAX & Mental Ray the Madfishway
  200. a tutorial on sketchup, blender, 3d prints and converting sketchup to blender
  201. C4d Explosion/Fireworks Tutorial
  202. C4d Fireball Smoke Trail (animated)
  203. My Star Trek Space Battle Tutorial
  204. Realistic Phaser FX in After Effects
  205. Blender - McC's Blender Tutorial Site
  206. Star Trek Central Information Repository
  207. MaterialByElement in 3D Studio Max
  208. Integrating kerkythea with sketchup 2014
  209. How To Do Great Wire Over Mesh Renderings With Blender
  210. VFX Pipeline Tutorial: 3DS Max, After Effects, Premiere
  211. Create Material/Texture Variation With Particle Flow
  212. How To Create Tractor Beam Texture (After Effects)
  213. (3D Studio Max) Attribute Holder: Wire Parameters, Sliders and Reaction Manager
  214. Free Alternative to Max2AE
  215. Crew Calculator Version 7
  216. Adding external images into the forum (broken attachement era)
  217. C4D Laser-Turbo Tutorial, (Tracer,TP Emitter-HyperNURB connection)
  218. How to Build the USS Enterprise in Blender 3D
  219. Compositing Breakdown, warning loads of images!