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  1. Cad operator
  2. Needed Concept car Artist - 2D or 3D for Movie
  3. Paid Work: FW-190
  4. Custom Space Fighter / Interceptor (Generic)
  5. SGU Desiny
  6. looking for a Battlestar Valkyrie mk2 model
  7. Star Trek art for my Arcade Machine
  8. Trek/General Sci-Fi Blueprints Needed?
  9. Game art needed
  10. Need a nice LW Deep Space 9 mesh, will pay...
  11. Stargate Universe
  12. 3D Studio Max Modeller required.
  13. Match This Pose for $!
  14. Planets, Suns, Phenomena Wanted for Independent SF/Comedy Animated Series
  15. file conversion max to 3ds/.obj
  16. Physical modeling
  17. Highly detailed/textured Star Trek 1701-E in 3dsmax format
  18. In need of a nice Death Star hangar bay in MAX format...
  19. Motion Graphics Artists for Hire
  20. Star Trek : USS Parallax (Low Pay)
  21. I need this model redone, and animations.
  22. Sci-fi writer needed for an adventure game!
  23. Looking to Commission for an STL model of some Star Wars ships...
  24. Cover Art (2D) required
  25. SeaQuest DSV for ingame use
  26. Announcing: Perseus Federation of Commercial Trade (PFOCT)
  27. We Will Be Selling After Effects Projects in The Near Future
  28. Modeling and Texturing Work
  29. Indie Space sim/rts hybrid - seeking 3d modeler/texturer
  30. seeking cost estimates
  31. BL4CK5H33P's Action Figure Customs
  32. looking to talk to 3-D'ers about future work
  33. New Tholian Ship Needed
  34. 3d Max 9 Modeler Needed!
  35. Professional game project looking for talented artists!
  36. Blunt Wars Concept Art Wanted
  37. dog animation for iphone app
  38. Starting a Scifi and Fantasy Magazine
  39. Buy: Battlestar Galactica 75 model, with textures.
  40. Sci-Fi Creative Writing Project seeks sci-fi artists to join us (paid & unpaid work)
  41. Need A 3d Model of a Starship
  42. Enigma Class 3D Model
  43. Seeking Artist to creat 3D images of Concept Aerospace Vehicle Unpaid and Paid
  44. Looking for a 2D artist to do some graphics for webbased MMO
  45. 3d/2d artist need for space shooter for ios devices
  46. 3d Artist for 4x Space Strategy Game
  47. USS PACIFICA help needed
  48. Help with next new ship
  49. Price Quote: Trailer Logo
  50. Quote: Star Wars Dress Uniforms
  52. MSD
  54. Thunderbirds Project
  55. Paid Side Job
  56. [PAID] Looking for 3D artist for space sim
  57. Looking For Partner(s) For Development of Multimedia Sci-Fi Project
  58. I am looking for some Star Wars backgrounds for photography
  59. Looking for building modeler for Lord of Rigel
  60. Looking for graphics help for a Star Trek RPG
  61. need some prices for some Star Wars stuff
  62. Character armor for 3D printing.
  63. Anyone Need 2D Starship Plans Made?
  64. South East UK Creator Sought