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13th Dec 2006, 13:09
Hello Everyone!

Mine will be a image of a futurisctic city during X-mas celebration. No background story, just a scenario.
Here's the foreground building, a docking station.

Not sure if i can finish it in time, but i hope.

Hope You like it!

13th Dec 2006, 13:34
Nice building.. I love the details... And, well, how do you all manage to do such awesome renders?

13th Dec 2006, 13:47
Cool renders indeed... is the bloom PP ?! (asking due to the slight color-tone) Reminds me of one of my old concepts for a city rising above a jungle in my personal novel universe. Gonna look forward to updates and getting inspired.

13th Dec 2006, 15:09
Even if you don't finish, looks like the start of a neat project. Nice detail work on the structure!

13th Dec 2006, 21:58
Wow... this is great!

13th Dec 2006, 22:05
Sweet man... is that a skylight with a keylight - spot?

14th Dec 2006, 05:36
Sweet modelling man. Design is awesome.

14th Dec 2006, 08:08
Looks awesome so far. I hope you do finish. :D

14th Dec 2006, 08:27
what they said..:D

19th Dec 2006, 21:56
First layer of background buildings + a quick lighting test.

Larsen got it! On the first image there was no bloom efect at all, this one has a slight bloom made with MAX's render effects.

19th Dec 2006, 22:03
Wow.... I like how this is going!

19th Dec 2006, 22:06
Really great. Can't wait to see this scene finished! :thumb:

I know the contest requires the image to be only 800x600 but mind if i already place an order for a bigger version for my desktop as well? :D

Regards Roman

20th Dec 2006, 12:24
E - That's looking fantastic!! wow..


20th Dec 2006, 14:28
real nice work, i like it.

21st Dec 2006, 01:54
Looking good, looking good! Keep up the great work, and show us more! :p

21st Dec 2006, 20:06
cool... I am liking that a lot, look forward to more, more, more.
dammmm I need to practise more!

21st Dec 2006, 20:25
Man that is fantastic, are you using the default render?

22nd Dec 2006, 10:14
Hey, Enter nice render :) But where is the Christmas part? Lights, trees, you know... :thumb:

22nd Dec 2006, 10:56
Yeah it's using MAX's default renderer. i would'nt bother with any PP for test images.

heh, i have to model things first. There'll be a second layer of background buildings, then comes texturoing, and then playing around with decoration.

Btw LN, nice to see You here again

22nd Dec 2006, 12:51
Looks great, can't wait for the rest of the goodies!

22nd Dec 2006, 13:26
Ent, this is looking great, hope you do finish it in time.

22nd Dec 2006, 13:39
...hope you do finish it in time.

I don't care if you don't finish it in time as long as you finish it at all :flippy:

22nd Dec 2006, 14:26
Here's a quick test of thr layer 2 BG buildings...
why does the scene still seem empty to me... i guess i'll still need a lot of repeating filler structures.

Thx for the kind words, i also hope to finish it on time... i still have to model tertiary filler structures, vehicles, texture the whole thing etc.... AND then do a render that actually looks good.

22nd Dec 2006, 14:51
Well it coming alone nicley

22nd Dec 2006, 18:03
This is fascinating to watch come together. I always wondered what the best approach to a scene like this would be.

22nd Dec 2006, 18:10
That's really looking outstanding. :thumb:

22nd Dec 2006, 18:19
Very nice indeed. any hints already how you're going to bring the cristmas in there? christmas lights on the buildings? one-horse open sleigh on the docking port?... :shiner:

are you sure the flare is in the same place like the lightsource? looks somewhat wrong to me.

Love the progress and keep it up :thumb:

Regards Roman

22nd Dec 2006, 23:06
Wow, looking good.

But wheres the Christmas tree? :p

23rd Dec 2006, 01:30
Nice render, Christmas is fast aproching but I'm sure you'll be done before the deadline. Keep going with this.

23rd Dec 2006, 04:51
I think a couple of things to "fill out" the scene upon its completion, would be too add some shuttles flying over head through the sky, and a bunch of people walking around in various locations.

Looks great thus far, hope you finish it in time. Christmas is fast aproaching :D

23rd Dec 2006, 23:56
Modeling buildings is now mostly done(i hope), finally. Here's a first view of the final layout. Tomorrow i start textruring them...

EDIT: i just noticed there's a error in the lighting (a light not disabled that shoud be), forgive me that for now.

24th Dec 2006, 00:04
Looking great!! I haven't had the chance to view other peoples entries properly, and i must say yours is looking amazing. Good luck mate :thumb: i don't think your gonna need it though :shiner:

24th Dec 2006, 10:31
Very nice mate. Keep it up :thumb:
Regards Roman

24th Dec 2006, 11:29
nice work, can we see a wireframe of it?

24th Dec 2006, 11:47
if someone requests a wire, i always think he doesnt believe i could really model this.

Anyway, here's your wire, along with the newest FX shot, with corected lighting. ....AAAAND at the 24th, the first lights went on (look at right side of the img)

24th Dec 2006, 12:41
no, i dont doubt your modelling abilities :) i just wanted to see _how_ you did what you did. (I'm still learning high-quality modelling).

24th Dec 2006, 13:01
and it makes for some cool effects :D

24th Dec 2006, 14:19
Heh, yeah that looks nice.

Nadesico: This isnt really high quality. it's kinda "brute force" modeling, the thing that matters most is speed, not if it's optimised or not. Most buildings only have detail on the side that faces the camera, excess edges aren'r removed when creating cutouts etc... Same goes for textures.

25th Dec 2006, 00:05
Here's the first textured building.
played a little with it :-)

30th Dec 2006, 16:34
With the exception of 1, all background buildings have been textured. How i hate texturing...

30th Dec 2006, 17:54
Now this is sweet!

How i hate texturing...

dito :thumb:

Regards Roman

30th Dec 2006, 17:58
Well your texturing skill are great! The project's looking fantastic so far :thumb:

30th Dec 2006, 18:30
Well your texturing skill are great! The project's looking fantastic so far :thumb:

^^^ what he said. :D

30th Dec 2006, 23:40
Ent this is coming alone nicely. keep up the fantastic work!

2nd Jan 2007, 19:26
Here is a fighter that will be handed as a present. It will stand on the platform. i only show it in such early stage to prove that i model it now, and it's not a earlier mesh. as with other parts of the scene i will detail it very brute force, as speed is the only thing that matters.
Enemy Deadline cruiser closing in...

2nd Jan 2007, 19:29
Hmmm, has a slight similarity to the hiigarian light corvette. ;)

2nd Jan 2007, 19:36
If more poeple don't finish, you might be the winner by default :)

2nd Jan 2007, 20:58
That latest render of the city was frickin' sweet.

3rd Jan 2007, 12:58
Heh, Ozy, not only that im said to be always seeing Homeworld in other peoples works, other people tend to always see Homeworld in my work. The more they know me, the more likely they see HW...
*innocent* if i could only know why... *innocent*

The damn deadline is so close... im overwhelmed.

Here's the HOMEWORLDISH fighter finished. And a shot in the full scene. Hope You like!

3rd Jan 2007, 13:11
the new pic looks great!
But I think it is still missing somthing.

3rd Jan 2007, 13:26
Thats beautiful!

5th Jan 2007, 21:42
Probably the last WIP image... next one will be the full version

5th Jan 2007, 22:25
Good evening laddies and gentlemen.

And the winner is......

6th Jan 2007, 13:49
that is such a cool city Ent.

6th Jan 2007, 23:48
Here is the full version.

EDIT: Thanks for reopen, i have posted the image in the submit thread.
i must have had confused the 2 deadline dates.


7th Jan 2007, 00:03
WoW. Is the ship an present? how lovely!

Ahh, that's a bad time to take break from the forums, eh? You were an damn hot favorite!

7th Jan 2007, 09:07
E - We haven't even started to judge yet, and I agree - having a second competition running at the same time with a 7th end date was not something that we had planned. The second contest came after we had already started.

Because of this, I'm going to open the thread and allow you to enter - because of the possible confusion on the dates, I'm not going to be strict about this.

7th Jan 2007, 10:08

Yea, Tinukedaya, You spotted it:-)

7th Jan 2007, 10:09
Now we can't win anymore :shiner:

7th Jan 2007, 12:14
Good you still were allowed to enter. Would be really sad if your great work would have been in vain. Good luck with the contest!

Really enjoyed following this thread :thumb:
And mind if i ask for a bigger render :)

Regards Roman

8th Jan 2007, 10:03
And the Winner is....

8th Jan 2007, 13:06
I just don't get it! it's supposed to be easter in a futuristic city or something like that? lol
i'm sort of glad i dropped out (trying not to sound bitter). Good Luck in the contest!