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17th Dec 2006, 20:06
Late entry :D

Took me a while to come up with an idea. At one point i was thinking of not entering, but finally something popped into my head the other night. Attatched is a render of me blocking in some shapes and composing my shot. The final scene will depict a party room on an unkown space station, early on christmas day with the remnants of a christmas party still scattered about such as drinks, party hats, crackers ect. The scene will have no people in it (biped is for scale) as it is set at about 3am christmas day, there will be a digital clock to emphasise this. There will be a DJ stand and mirror ball along with decorated tree, tinsel and hanging decorations. The warm glow outside will be coming from a nebula. I want the shot to have a peacefull yet festive feeling. I won't give any info on the station, ill leave that to the viewer. It could be the first ever deep space station or one of hundreds scattered accross the galaxy.

Updates will follow :)

New entry on post 4. This post is obselete.

17th Dec 2006, 20:45
Sounds like a cool idea. :thumb:

I'll wait to comment on the work until there's a little more there. :devil:

17th Dec 2006, 21:13
One can allready feel the uhm feeling:D... nice idea mate... gonna follow this one:thumb:

22nd Dec 2006, 00:43
Ok, new idea :D

I did not like the way the previous entry was going so i scrapped that and am going for an exteriour terrestrial scene. Not too far in the future, an unexpected leap forward in the global warming progressed flooded most of earths landmass within 15 years. This catastrophe was however well planned for, and cities in the ocean where constructed, and colonies on the moon and orbiting the earth where established with the forming of the Global Coalition of Earth. Thus, life goes on and thrives, despite the remaining land resorts being jam packed non stop :thumb:

This entry will depict a ocean city receiving it's Christmas delivery (mail, parcels, visiting family members ect. The block representing the ship at the moment is visible in the fog) on a very cold evening in deep winter. There will be heavy snow and lots of spray from the rough sea. Theres a lot of work to be done, and i want to be able to hand this in on the 24th as i may not be online again untill after the final entry date, crap i got alot of work to do :o :shiner:

22nd Dec 2006, 00:46
Nice idea (and development), you should add some splashes in post-production;)

23rd Dec 2006, 18:29
Thanks Ramiel. Yea, im gonna add alot of post work in after, like ocean spray, jet exhaust ect.

Ok, all the modeling is done, all i need now are textures (the forground walkway is done). Then i need to generate the ocean foam to make it look really stormy, add some snow falling in the wind and then finish up with some 2d work :)

23rd Dec 2006, 19:01
Nice idea... tho I did like the first one too!

Have you considdered adding something to the foreground... it's somewhat bare... maybe something that tells us it's actually christmas. I'd reconsidder having that much fog in the foreground as well... Would look really cool if one could see some buddles of water or maybe even snow on that walkway...

My 2 cents, keep at it:thumb:

24th Dec 2006, 16:39
With my first attempt at a scene (top post) it was taking ages to render, and i wasn't too enthusiastic about it, it didnt interest me so i thought up something new. Thanks for mentioning the forground, i think im gonna put some crates in there or something to fill it in a bit more. I have been playing around with trying to get 3d snow on the walkway, like big bundles of it but so far haven't found something that works, ill keep trying though.

Heres an update. I thought seeing as there isn't much to show it's christmas (the snow im adding later will help, but not much) i thought i would add some lights and make them seem a little like christmas tree lights. Also i have started working on making the ocean look more choppy. I was going to generate a foam texture but really didnt have the time to keep test rendering to see how it looks so i decided to try my hand at painting the crests and splashes in Painter. This is my first try at doing this stuff, so it's kinda crappy, but my only real option other than chopping up photos of rough seas, something i don't have the time for either. Hopefully it looks ok, i still have more to add though as well as a big wave crashing into the far side and spraying into the air.

Im off my computer for the next few days, so i will start work again after christmas. Thanks for the comments guys, and have a good one :thumb:

3rd Jan 2007, 22:29
I had a CPU spike problem over christmas, which among other things was probably caused by a 55% fragmented hard drive. Instead of doing a 3 day defrag i opted for a reformat. Im finally copying my backups back onto my computer now and can carry on with my entry :)

Can't do much untill all my max stuff is copied over (which will probably finish later tonight) so all i could do is add the snow. Only the forground snow was rendered before i formatted so thats all i had to play with. Going to add some crates, finish the white caps on the sea, do some more texturing and then see how much time i have left to do anything else :thumb:

6th Jan 2007, 02:40
Well, i have submitted my entry :) As a last minute idea to let people know its christmas i did a quick info board with a tickertape message from the city administrators :)

6th Jan 2007, 17:42
Man that ocean kick ... . Think you might make an tutorial about how you made it? As I really could use something like that for my Lighthouse!

8th Jan 2007, 01:53
Im not much of a tutorial writer, but im sure i can type up a quick step by step of what i done :) Ill post here when i have done it, as i dont have much free time over the next week.

8th Jan 2007, 02:17
Oh it do not have to be fast. Just do not let it fade away. ;) And thanks in advance for it!