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16th Jan 2007, 02:44
Hi I am looking for a tutorial for 3dmax.

I am looking for a type A Star (sun) other than Zasurus's tutorial which I can't understand his instructions.

I really need one even if you guys can make one that will be great thanks.

Hopfully sympler tutorial than Zasurus tutorial.


16th Jan 2007, 06:33
Just to clarify ;) the Sun is a class G (G2V) star ...

Class A stars are stars like Sirius and Vega. Now how close to the star should the camera or ship get.

18th Jan 2007, 13:12
Well close enought to view the whole sun basicly the whole sun covering either 60% of the picture or 80% of the picture showing a ship flying by it basicly visible enough to show the sun in animation.


18th Jan 2007, 13:19
..::xenomorphic.co.uk::.. Education Powered by 3d-Palace.com (http://www.xenomorphic.co.uk/education.htm)

Look for Sun tutorials part 1 & 2. I thought Z's tutorial was very clear and user-friendly back in the day. :confused:

18th Jan 2007, 13:25
I do not think Z's tutorial is that far off... here is a picture with a sun I made following that very tutorial.

19th Jan 2007, 06:35
Looks good if z's tutorial is the way to go can ya make a new version of the tutorial to were the text is simple for anyone to understand Z was on the right track for the pics but the text part I have gotten completely lost.

So I was wondering if you or anyone can make a better version so people like me can understand the tutorial better.


19th Jan 2007, 06:40
hmm, where in the text did things get "losty", at the part of the multiple noise maps ?!

and here is the Z's tutorial where are jabbbing about
The Battle Zone! (http://www.thebzone.net/index.html?tut__sun.html)

20th Jan 2007, 12:16
Here is da max-file (max8) after following the tutorial. Hope that helps along

//Dr. Asz

20th Jan 2007, 17:24
Thanks that should help greatly.

Know I can remake the sun to the color I like.

thanks again


22nd Jan 2007, 03:05
Thanks again for the sun know one more thing I need help with for the sun is the big eruptions coming from the sun.

For the glow I know I will need video post to make that unless theres another way to make the big glow.

Heres an image that will show what I am looking for.


27th Jan 2007, 01:12
The Elite Force 2 intro, right?
With "big eruptions", are you talking about the stream that is sucked in by the singularity or do you mean the fiery little flares around the sun?
The stream should be relatively easy to achieve, just extrude and move some segments of the sun. The fiery flares...hmm Maybe you could add a second video post glow to the sund, and use some of the built in distortion functions! (Inferno)
Here, I took the freedom and added some video post thingies to Aszazeroth's sun scene :)
It's not perfect, but maybe a step into theright direction!


27th Jan 2007, 06:14
looks great thanks hope it can be able to animate thats what I am using the sun for.


29th Jan 2007, 03:30
Thanks again Melak there is another thing that I need help with.

For the Video post I can save a picture but how do I save an animation with the video post I do know I that I need to have the Image output Event but when I save it to a movie file and open the file none of the video post effects didn't show up.

I can't figure out why it is doing that.


29th Jan 2007, 07:30
Always remember, video post is a queue. :)

So in other words, image output is the last thing on the queue when saving animations.

Scene [perspective, camera, whatever]
Render effects [glows, flares whatnot]
Image output

All tracks should be linked to scene root (not each other). I'd post a screenshot, but I'm at work. Hope this makes sense.

29th Jan 2007, 09:48
One common problem is that the VP has to be enbled for the frames you want to render, ie make sure that the VP effects cover the frame(s) you render ie tick enable and 1-900 -ish. Done that mistake a few times and wondered why the h3ll isn't the stuff showing up, especially after altering the time slider length