View Full Version : 3DS MAX - From a spline to a McLaren

21st May 2007, 15:57
I believe itīs usefull too. Itīs for 3DS MAX, but I believe that you can flow it in other appīs too:
McLaren Modelling Tutorial (http://www.geocities.com/tdafiles/mclarentutorialpage1) ;)

16th Jun 2007, 06:23
Link is bad :(

16th Jun 2007, 07:14
worked for me

16th Jun 2007, 07:17
Hmm...I guess the site had a hickup when I first tried it. It works now :)

Steve O B Have
1st Oct 2007, 18:14
mmm broken for me.

2nd Oct 2007, 21:28
See the message:

"The GeoCities web site you were trying to view has temporarily exceeded its data transfer limit. Please try again later. " ;)

3rd Oct 2007, 23:27
im impressed and if you keep going over your limit you intested in a small amount of webspace to add this tut to?