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15th Jun 2007, 19:07
Yea, I figured I could throw my hat in the ring on this one.:cool:

So I was thinking about maybe....

My chair, basically where I would control my universal empire (or Timpire) from. This is the most likely as I have numerous Ideas for this one. Maybe a little like the emperor’s chair from his throne room, but less evil and slightly more conceded. Yes I'm quite self centerd...:D Timpire :D

I was thinking maybe somthing like a combination of these

15th Jun 2007, 20:21
A quick little concept, just to get some ideas to work from.

16th Jun 2007, 06:24
Basic layout, It will get more interesting from here I promise.

16th Jun 2007, 06:52
Nice to see something other than the average trekchair man:thumb:... Don't spend too much time on the surroundings!

16th Jun 2007, 11:46
I think to move away from cliche's you should move away from the starwars window! :D The ultra-bling approach could work, but you could end up killing youself with detailing as it's only a short competition! Perhaps you could make a lot of simple details, and layer them, alongside some textured work.

Going with a pyramidal mound approach gives more weight of authority, in essence suggesting this is the 'leader', so perhaps more massing up to the chair, and give it a more solid pyramidal shape. Another inspiration could be Ra's throneroom from Stargate, which was a stunning set, or more recently (if you've seen it) the Curse of the golden flower, which has many layers of rich gold, colour, glass and powerful symbolic shapes!

16th Jun 2007, 14:30
That chair design looks really great. I'd also say concentrate on the chair and leave the surroundings in the rough layout state it is now. Just to give a feeling for what the surrounding would look like.

I suppose there are no controll gadges on your chair? Screen or buttons or stuff?

16th Jun 2007, 20:55
I suppose there are no controll gadges on your chair? Screen or buttons or stuff?
Actually there will be, the trick is to integrate them without them standing out to much. It is a throne after all, and yes the surroundings will wait till the chair is finished.

Thanks for all the imput. :)

23rd Jun 2007, 20:46
Finally got some more time to work on my entry, been really buisy lately... oh well life goes on I guess.:D

23rd Jun 2007, 21:37
looks very nice so far... are you going to add more detail to the cat heads, maybe some sculpting? I know it's a fairly straight lined chair, but I wouldn't mind seeing a few more lines have some slight curves to them, in addition to some rounding of some corners (which I'm sure you'll get to)...

love the sketch, too!

nice work!

23rd Jun 2007, 21:55
Looking much better, I like the lettering details, and I agree with JeffrySG, the cats need more resolution. Not sure on the neck rest, it looks too far forward?

25th Jun 2007, 17:02
When I look at this chair, the imperial march goes through my head. :P

Very nice details on the lettering and such, but as allready said, the headrest looks a little uncomfortable.

29th Jun 2007, 09:18
This is to remind you that the Challenge closes tonight (29th June) at midnight CDT (GMT -6).

Please submit your final entry at the Submission Thread (http://www.scifi-meshes.com/forums/challenge-wips/28941-submission-thread.html). If you already did you are free to ignore this message. ;)

29th Jun 2007, 18:53
Sorry but over a couple of days ago (my brother) got us a nice little trojan virus, which as it turns out is one of the more persistant ones out there. Long story short I still havent got all my programs back up and running yet includeing 3dsmax. If I get her rockin in time I might make a run for it though. :)

29th Jun 2007, 22:35

Even though the challenge will end soon, as soon as I can get 3dsmax back up and running on my computer I want to finish this.

29th Jun 2007, 23:12
Now that just says grand! :) Cool environment! :)

I'd work a little on your gold, as it looks very fake at the moment, but otherwise it's pretty cool!

30th Jun 2007, 00:21
Some tips for the gold:

Gold is actually not yellow in colour. Gold nearly exclusively relies on reflections to give it its look. Therefore you need a good environment that can be reflected. The trick is to tint the reflections depending on the viewing angle (using a Fresnel-Effect shader in the reflection channel). Tint it with a Fresnel gradient that goes from a dark orange to a light yellow. Another thing that good gold has is a reflected environment that has both very bright and very dark areas. Gold lives from a bold contrast. Highlight is metallic, very shapr and bright maybe with a hint of anisotropy.
Good reference image for gold would be this one here (http://www.australianminesatlas.gov.au/images/gold1.jpg). Notice that there are areas on the gold that are completely black and others that are nearly white. Inbetween is everything from dark orange to bright yellow.

Another tip for your render - try to put some ambient occlusion on your image. That's basically for all renderings. If there ever was a "Make Cool"-Button in a 3d programm it would definatively lead to Ambient Occlusion. It just makes your image better in (nearly) all situations.

30th Jun 2007, 03:34
Thanks, I'll have a look at it. Lighting is not something I've delved too deeply into yet in my 3dsmax experiance.