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15th Jun 2007, 21:25

my first try on a Challenge :)

This one is desired to be a Navigation & Control Chair of Ancient Starships of the Universe i call Alveon.

Those Ships are navigated half by brain, half by visible and touch-interface.
The Navigator can display charts / diagramms / sensors as hologramms. All Hologramms are interactive and recognize "touch".

ok, so far about the story/background, back to the Challenge:i want to create a bit of sourrounding floor in Stargate Style...maybe ?! - testing that on the first render.

It should be 'usable' for quite some time without break and without hurting oneself / needing a pain-blocker medication ^^ .... so it will have cushions.

I'm not good enough to do any sketch/draw by hand, so i went to 3d/render directly.

With luck, there will be a bit of a holographic /transparent starchart around / in front of the Chair...for now i don't know how to archieve this...but i'll try.

16th Jun 2007, 12:08
decided for a more round look for the surrounding floor, but actually don't know to get a more deeper, a bit deepwater-look into that blue-areas.

Added fixed displays to the second ring. There will be one on each side, maybe a second pair coming down.

All displays are planed to be textured later.

Next step:
- testing / adding more solid parts, making it bigger, more massive.
- testing modes / which parts will be able to move / rotate

16th Jun 2007, 13:05
Nice looking, very techy.

16th Jun 2007, 13:08
Its alot like a trek command chair, but the holographics are a nice touch

16th Jun 2007, 13:48
Just to remind you - for this challenge a design sketch is required.

Good start! Keep it up

16th Jun 2007, 21:30
Zabiegly, thanks for reminding. but just re-read the rules, what do you mean with 'sketch'. My Startup/Concept is attached to the First Post.
This is my first Challenge, so i might have not completly understood some of the rules ?!?!

added three renders,

this is my first try on transparent textures. so i added alpha and some color-test. I Removed a third Ring of Holographics for a better view on the Chair itself.

The sphere in front of it, is the basic holographic projector for Starcharts.

Currenty i'm thinking of modifying the Concept ..maybe a bit to a more tank / anti-gravity Chair. But in an anti-gravity environment, why adding a chair at all ?

16th Jun 2007, 21:51
Looks like a really nice chair, I like the small solar system hologram!

16th Jun 2007, 21:57
Nice environment - the darker lighting on the background brings the chair out nicely. Some Ambient Occlusion and maybe global illumination / final gathering will make for an even cooler render :)

This is the section I was refering to:

To this end, a requirement of this challenge is that at the very least we want to see one concept sketch that you've made that has set you on your final path. Remember however, that we are looking for a concept sketch - no matter how rough - and not a work of art in itself.
As concept sketch we'd like to see a bit of scribbling on a paper using pen or pencil. It doesn't have to be elaborate. As it says in the rules this is just so that you engange with your project on paper as the Sensei think this is something quite usefull to do in terms of designing something. You don't need super drawing skills. Even using stick-figures and very rough outlining of a chair would be OK. It's just that we want to steer you more towards sketching something to aid the design process.

As you already started your chair without sketching maybe you could make a sketch of a detail you want to add? Maybe sketch a controll panel before you model it?

16th Jun 2007, 22:22
ah, thanks.
There is already a rough sketch from the beginning, i just didn't know it would be required.

is it alowed to make a second attempt ?, i want to make a test placing the Chair into a antigrav-tank and than decide which one will be used further.

How about a basic-Human figure in the Chair ?, transparent maybe
i got some kind of implant in mind, which will be connected with the chair by cables...


just added my sketch, had to make a picture with a camera, so it's not the best view.
i'll upload my scetch of the tank as well, as soon the 3d-Concept of this is done.

17th Jun 2007, 09:54
so, i tested the Antigrav-Concept...now i don't know which one i like more.

The Chair has a bit of gravity-pull, so the navigator is not floating around all the time. The Controls at the Arm-Parts can be moved up and down to fit however the Nav wants to have it.

i added my sketch of this as well. Normally i don't make sketches, but this time they are very useful for the Shape of the Chair / pose of the user and the basic skale.

i'll continue with texturing the displays, those are equal in both concepts.

Related to the Challenge, the AG-Concept is a bit more uncommon.

What do you think of it ?

17th Jun 2007, 11:35
You can make as many attempts as you want to.

I like the anti-grav chair better as it's more original. Maybe put some more belts on it to fix the person to the chair and prevent it from floating away. It was mentioned in another thread that a rollercoaster fixation clamp might work for chairs as well. Maybe that is worth thinking of. Oh, and a bucket for those newbies who always throw up when sitting in anti-grav for the first time :D

17th Jun 2007, 13:00
I like the new idea better too. Very cool!

17th Jun 2007, 13:49
Just tested a metal-grid instead of the Cushions in the back..but that didn't look good. I decided to use both.

Those black, metal stripes are flexible and hold by plastic bumpers.

Added some clamps for the chest, will test a second pair for the Legs as well.

those clamps adept to the physiology of the Users body.

17th Jun 2007, 13:52
ok, question, how did you do those holograms?
they look REALLY sweet

17th Jun 2007, 23:07
Just tested around with the Holodisplays. The content is just temporarly

i want to show some kind of Planet / tactical data, Starcharts as well as some kind of orientation / 360-Circle around the Ship.

Colors are now blue and yellow... don't know if this will stay.

Those displays are transparent textures. 2d is done in Photoshop, 3d in Blender.

For how-to-do this in Blender, just search on the web, this is my first try on those as well.

19th Jun 2007, 18:31
to get some kind of ancient-look, i tested some Crystal-formations inside the ag-tank.

actually it looks a bit overdetailed now.. what do you think ?

now, all displays uv-mapped i'll try to do this as well at the arm-parts as well, adding some kind of patterned-texture there.

19th Jun 2007, 21:08
I realize that its still 0 G but having that chair over top of a big gaping hole is kinda disconcerting.

Nice work so far though!

19th Jun 2007, 22:06
yeah, nice work
I gotta agree with Oz, it's not a chair I'd be wanting

20th Jun 2007, 02:36
I guess comfort isn't a priority when you're controlling something since it seems to be absent from a lot of the entries! :)

Looks good, I feel like this chair is for someone other than a human being!

20th Jun 2007, 07:31
well, thanks oz, that could be what i still don't like in the scene. But maybe i got a solution already ^^, will post new Renders this Afternoon (europe-time)

i tested not using a tube-style tank, but a sphere. There is floor and roof as now, but the openings are round and ending after one or two meters.

20th Jun 2007, 11:13
Haha It'd be cool to work over a big gaping bottomless pit! :D

This is turning into an interesting concept, I quite like the anti-gravity idea. If anything I'd say it doesn't need any of the supporting wiring hanging down from the ceiling, as the chair it's self doesn't really need any power, and the holograms can be generated from the surrounding structure, or powered via induction.. a cool anti-gravity super advanced chair seems lessened by visible wiring!

The squarish cushions either side look a little off, like they aren't quite symmetrical and in alignment. I'd probably suggest moving them back a little, as they seem like they would be quite restrictive, which kind of belies a zero-G chair! Each of the round curved cushions could be on adjustable mountings, so as you say it conforms to the users back for added comfort.

20th Jun 2007, 18:42
i think this is the right 0G-Sourrounding now :) maybe adjusting the transparency, detailing and so on

now i re-focus on the chair itself.

20th Jun 2007, 20:31
hey thats better... at least one can escape should someone turn the gravity on. :D


20th Jun 2007, 23:18
This is looking damn cool. This person/creature must have nerves of steel to idly hang suspended over a pit and just do their job regardless.

20th Jun 2007, 23:46
Definatelly better, very cool, and the new floor is pretty cool, it almost looks like some sort of dish which is projecting the anti-gravity waves! :D

24th Jun 2007, 12:28
i'm a bit stuck now, attached some renders without the background an the Holotank as well as new perspektives.

maye i'll now experiment with getting the material more realistic or detail some structural parts.

25th Jun 2007, 00:35
Well the environment isn't the emphasis of the project, so you don't have to worry TOO much about it, but it does help to put the chair in a context - aka the user is suspended in zeroG so it's more of a support frame than a traditional -'chair'. I'd concentrate on playing with the surfaces, to get the work you have got defined, and add the background if you have the time! :)

25th Jun 2007, 21:57
Well, to end this day i added three Renders, all are showing the Chair in it's natural environment ^^. Besides the AG-Chair there are several more "normal"-ones, around the Command-Post (in front of the AG-Chair)

further detailing of specific background in progress, which will be the back of the Bridge.

and...the Chair is still not fixed to the AG-Ring or Ground, i have to fix this as well.

25th Jun 2007, 22:51
That looks a little less scary to operate than the bottomless pit! That's a neat start on the environment. Some simple panelling to the floor and walls should help sell it, along with some display panels and such. Coming along really well!

26th Jun 2007, 21:30
ok, experimenting with the Perspektive for the final Render.

Tomorrow i'll take a look at some details of the Chair itself as well as Textures for the Background and Composite-Nodes to blur or like that.

what about all the Images i'm attaching, when the Contest is over, not all of them have to stay here / space is limitted. Which of those should stay / how can i remove the others without walking through every post ?

26th Jun 2007, 22:18
LOL we've went from bottomless pit to sharp and pointy crystals LOL. Still the surfacing looks excellent on them! :) Coming along nicely!

There is a way to manage all of the attachments, in the CP, under miscelaneous> attachments, where you can see all your uploaded files, and prune accordingly, without having to go into the threads themselves. Hope that helps.

27th Jun 2007, 19:48
ok, approaching final :)

Question to the Sensais:
how about the Render ? , its quite 'far' away froh the Chair, but the Ring and the basic around is more or less part of it ??
lighting good, or would it better to make a more lighter / less shadowed and atmospheric one ?

well, tomorrow i'll make final adjustments and Details of the Chair. if there is time, further detail holographics and displays.

27th Jun 2007, 22:41
The chair feels swamped by the environment in the render to me. You could do an above-and-behind render that focused on the chair whilst still showing the larger picture though

27th Jun 2007, 23:48
ok, tried to add other Perspectives as thumbnails and moved the Camera close to the Chair. Removed the Starchart from the background and added some minor-Detail to the chair.

i Also tested around with getting it clearer / sharper in Render, but not successful.

Halo Buff
28th Jun 2007, 05:30
Cool. You mentioned anchoring it to the surroundings, but I don't think the chair needs it. Maybe an energy teather or something? (If you have it, think bridge spans from Halo) Possibly show a source for the solar system holo, like an over-head projector (think light dome on ST:TNG bridge) Just some thoughts.

28th Jun 2007, 13:00
The DOF and stronger lighting helps a lot bringing it out. I agree with Spudmonkey about alternate angle shots, to show off the work you've done on it.

29th Jun 2007, 09:20
This is to remind you that the Challenge closes tonight (29th June) at midnight CDT (GMT -6).

Please submit your final entry at the Submission Thread (http://www.scifi-meshes.com/forums/challenge-wips/28941-submission-thread.html). If you already did you are free to ignore this message. ;)