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15th Jun 2007, 22:43
Okay, i'm in.....together with my first time wacom crappy drawing :D.

A little bla bla bla backstory....
Virtual Command Chair...A chair or post that allows high ranking strategic officers to oversee and issue orders to the troops on the field.
The officers are human with cybernetic implants that allows them to monitor hundreds of units.

16th Jun 2007, 14:40
Looks a bit like those racing-game-machines they have in bars, casinos and other 18+ (21+ if you're in the US) places

16th Jun 2007, 15:25
It's an interesting shape, but you could definitely do with some practice with the tablet! I find that sketching out the design in flow lines, then blocking out the lines tends to work best for this sort of challenge, and it's also the ideal way to use the tablet as you can have your flow lines on one layer and the blocks on another, then another on top as you refine the shapes. Basically build up layers as you build in the detail levels so that you always have guidelines and points of referal if things are going wrong

29th Jun 2007, 09:15
This is to remind you that the Challenge closes tonight (29th June) at midnight CDT (GMT -6).

Please submit your final entry at the Submission Thread (http://www.scifi-meshes.com/forums/challenge-wips/28941-submission-thread.html). If you already did you are free to ignore this message. ;)