View Full Version : Challenge #6 - Blumenkohl - Fancy Command Chair

16th Jun 2007, 07:22
Boredom befell me, so I decided to build a quick 5 minute chair....with a nice spotlight to show who's boss.

Whether or not it's a submission, I know not now, but I decided to give it a shot for kicks. :p;)

16th Jun 2007, 07:27
Nice man.... the chromed out trekchair:D

16th Jun 2007, 11:20
My eyes, they are sore, my hair is hot and I can smell burning :D

it's a nice concept though you may want to lighten the top part, visually, and perhaps structurally! Also those chromed arms.. I think I'd get annoyed if I rested my arms on the sides, and they slid off all the time haha. Perhaps some sort of pads, maybe a dotted or textured rubber to go with the shiny chrome?

16th Jun 2007, 13:10
So does it enhance your suntan? :D

Cool stuff!

16th Jun 2007, 13:14
I need some lumbar support after sitting through another long mission... Beautiful render, love the colors!

16th Jun 2007, 13:39
I think the operator would probably smack their head getting into the seat before burning their hair off... Aside from that it's quite nice, if a little bland in terms of looking like a command seat

Don't forget that you need a sketch for this contest too.

16th Jun 2007, 13:44
Technically it's not a submission as a design sketch is required :)

Are you planning on working on that one a bit more? Would look quite nice with some added details.

29th Jun 2007, 09:14
This is to remind you that the Challenge closes tonight (29th June) at midnight CDT (GMT -6).

Please submit your final entry at the Submission Thread (http://www.scifi-meshes.com/forums/challenge-wips/28941-submission-thread.html). If you already did you are free to ignore this message. ;)