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video fx universe
24th Nov 2007, 09:02
Here are 3 video tutorials in 3d studio max on how to create a realistic planet earth, with clouds, atmosphere, and moon. I also have these tutorials that you can download in higher quality from my website.

part one: Creating the surface & Clouds

part two: Creating the atmosphere

Part three: Create the moon and final touches

24th Nov 2007, 09:15
should be fun to watch... get back with feedback later...

video fx universe
24th Nov 2007, 11:21
There seems to be a problem with my youtube account. I changed my email address to my new email address and it has suspended my account saying that i have violated youtube rules. I don't know how, i only just got the new email account. I'm assuming someone who had the same email before, must have registered with youtube and caused problems. However i have emailed them to sort it out. Until i get this sorted out you can download the better high quality version of this tutorial at my website in the "video tutorials" page

24th Nov 2007, 17:00
anyone else having issues viewing the video tutorial page? rest of the site loads fine but that page just sits on loading

video fx universe
24th Nov 2007, 18:14
hmm not sure why you are having problems, I just tested the site out on 2 seperate computers and it loads up for me. Ok well if you are having trouble getting to my tutorial page, her are the direct download links to the videos in question

right click and save target as

Part 1 (http://dodownload.filefront.com/8915565//4494718270bb534303019276f319a734a4d7fdd8f95fe72c24 4cc1927c18431db4837cad6f2cdab7)

Part 2 (http://dodownload.filefront.com/8916091//4494718270bb534303019276f319a734a4d7fdd8f95fe72c24 4cc1927c18431db4837cad6f2cdab7)

Part 3 (http://dodownload.filefront.com/8916525//4494718270bb534303019276f319a734a4d7fdd8f95fe72c24 4cc1927c18431db4837cad6f2cdab7)

video fx universe
27th Nov 2007, 20:28
right my youtube account has been updated so i have these videos back online

YouTube - create planet earth in 3ds max part 1 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cd747rAN9QA)

YouTube - create planet earth in 3ds max part 2 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XZsBD-nXb9M)

YouTube - create planet earth in 3ds max part 3 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=imP9J824T5I)

28th Nov 2007, 10:03
Hey there, congratulations on putting together these tutorials. Ive just finished watching them.:thumb: As many of the members here know so well, planets are not the easiest thing to get right. Especially if were going for realism.

I hope my comments can help you out. You are going to need bigger maps if you want true HD. Those maps work fine for more distant shots, but for close ups, they just wont cut it.

You may want to center your spheres using the transform tool, rather than winging it.:thumb:

Using the specular maps available online, as well as the bump and night maps will add to the realism of your final product.

Using a bump of 30 will again not hold up well in close shots, so you may want to tinker with that

I feel you atmosphere is way to bright. If you look on google images, you will find many pics of the earth. Although hard to truly tell watching the compressed tutorial version on You Tube, it will give you some idea to how it looks. Of course there are also many members planets online here to see as well. Deks's tutorial is one to perhaps have a look at to see comparisons, and to offer some tweaks on you own vision. Ive worked on planets on and off for about 8 or 9 years ..............and Im still tinkering. I think you are defiantly heading in the right direction though. Azz will no doubt have some clear cut ideas for you .......................his knowledge on this subject is formidable.

Good luck with it all , keep tweaking.......... and again congrats on your efforts.:thumb:

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21st Jan 2008, 16:16
Nice tutorial. Finally I will be able to make a realistic planet in 3D. :thumb: