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13th Jan 2008, 19:12
In fact, what I have to tell you, isn't a tutorial, but is about a tool that you'll love.
I don't like to do insignias and lettering as textures, but as objects. I believe it gives a better result when rendering. But I was tired of so many errors when doing insignias and lettering. Tired of cleaning the verts and errors. :( So I searched (and found) a tool that make it easy as a breeze. Better of all: it's free!! :):D
I believe that some of you (but not all of you) already known this max plugin, so this is the reason of this post.
Fom max 3 to 9 32 bits and 9 64 bits too:
Itoo Software - Forest, plugins to create trees in 3D Studio Max and Viz (http://www.itoosoft.com/english/menu.php?id=glue)