View Full Version : Starfield using Max Materials

10th Aug 2011, 08:31
Not sure if any other tutorials like it are floating around, but here is mine.


Forgive the greatly unscripted video. :lol:

1st Aug 2012, 11:54
Maybe max 2012 has some different settings but I can not get the material to be visible in the viewport.

13th Sep 2012, 20:54
Ahm isn't there a Plugin at videopost in 3ds max?

PS: sry for the Bad english :(

13th Sep 2012, 22:32
Yeah 2011 2012 I think are vastly different to prior versions of max. I have not watched the vid but I use a HUGE ass texture and dump the stars into the illumination slot and diffuse if you got things like coloured stars and nebula. I use standard mat as well since there is no point to calculate FG and all that crap on something you want mostly the illumination. I will also do multiple spheres or curved planes to get object and star parallax. You must set alpha though for this to work. You can see this in my 2012 SOTL animation. (if you look carefully hah since we were limited to 5seconds.)

As for plugs if you can do it in app for multi support all the better. Plugins just introduce higher risk of crashes and corrupted files.

You can also go nuts and add post effects and what not like camera effects so stars of a specific brightness will flare and create bloom etc.

You can see the flare effect in this image

OK, watched the vid, everything should be in older max versions. Least back to v7 or 8. Interesting use of celluar, avoids the memory hit of a huge map.

For getting it visible in VP check tyou VP settings and also try maximizing the perspective view then minimizing it and itll pop up. I have max 2010 and I have some nasty buts related to going HDW from software and getting it to show and have to do as mentioned prior. Max version9 I remember had some issues with view BG and you had to jump back and forth turning it on and off to get it to work at times.