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11th Oct 2006, 03:21
http://www.madfishway.rr.nu/light/lighting-tytle.jpg (www.madfishway.rr.nu/)

Ok hosted once more
I had to rewrite this from scratch. So I might be missing something or made something really vauge.
No pdf yet but soon.

18th Oct 2006, 18:14
Nice tut Madkoi !
Do you remember Nico Weigand ? He was a member here, some time ago... He was one of the most generous guys in helping other members, presenting tutorials and support. He was a tallented modeller too, really tallented.

Why I´m writing this ? Just to say thanks for the continuous support to the other members, posting the tuts, and say that you´re a great modeller too. As Weigand was in the past, today you´re one the most cool members here.

As spok would says:

"Live long and prosper !"

18th Oct 2006, 18:42
Yeah ... I'll second that:thumb:

Great tut madkoi... Allways nice to see how other artists work!

20th Oct 2006, 19:53
Thanks alot dude. Much appreciated. :)

22nd Oct 2006, 11:22
Thanks guys sorry it seems my redirect service is fruiting out today, that or its krapcast birthing a large mammal. . . . . .One of these days Ill get around to PDFing this crap or something heh.

22nd Oct 2006, 16:40
Great! Thanks for sharing your rendering tricks - now we just need a "Mad Ideas from Scratch - lot's of 'em!" tutorial, or better yet "Mad Instant-Trek-Crap"!:D We need a Charity Award here at SFM!

8th Jan 2007, 06:24
Will this technique work with lighting a starship inside a spacedock?

8th Jan 2007, 07:25
Its just a set up. How you use it or arrange it is up to you. Each enviroment will have its own rig, To compare a dry dock orbiting a brownish gas giant will have diffrent properties of ambient than a dock in orbit around a blue terristrial planet. Not to mention the external enviroment of the sun in the system etc.

The tut is not a model kit where part A goes into part B etc. Its just a stepping stone to get people started. For example the area lights I found with my shadow settings it produces a nicer effect than stock settings. (which are often hard shadows and blown out details) It also serves as a resource I coudlnt find when I was learning this stuff. IE little tips I learned on my own by screwing with the app.

I really need to pdf this up since I dont know how long these images will be hosted, crapcast is still to busy fapping in the toilet to call me back.

ADDENDUM:: to note please, I do not know how much longer crapcast will host these files. Since it seems I will be forced to cancel my service with them. SO PLEASE dont post "where are the pics!!!" No need to bump a broken tut. IF they do cut the hosting Ill do what I can to get them hosted elsewhere.

20th Jan 2007, 15:40
We could host it on SFM actually.

28th Feb 2007, 04:07
Bumping to let ppl know the http is up

point is it WAS on sfm but you know that hosting has limits and is a reason it was hosted elsewhere. You want WIP updates or tuts images. . . . . I can bet most would vote for latter :p
Either way its hosted now close to what it was but with http instead since This pc is way to hard to type a entire tut into this little editor lol.

UPDATE 07-31-10
HTTP tutorials are back online!
blog will serve as back up. But I recommend the http since it is the original formatting.

8th Mar 2007, 14:56
Hmm, for some odd reason the hull plating method you have never even occured to me. I'll have to try it out some time.

Chris Vickers
3rd Sep 2007, 22:11
His lighting tutorial is how I ended up with the lighting I have now on my models but his hull plating tut was a little on the frustrating end.