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  1. Hey Dann
    yeah ive been snowed under these last few months in RL and it wasnt till SeanR poked me with a stick about the Magellan that i made time to come pay a visit.

    That's the good news of what im up to actually. Since my last post in the Mag/Enceladus thread was about... oooh 7 months ago is it? As i say ive been snowed under with RL work, but i have been giving 5 mins regularly to chipping away at the ships. It all adds up, right?

    Well it seems to, cause im not too far off finishing her now. I even told Sean im gonna reopen the thread in a week or so with all the update pics ive been taking - because Xmas is the one time of the year i can guarantee i end up with spare time, and im really confident of having her done by new year.

    But hows you then? ive not had time to do forum searches, so ive no idea what anyone (if anything) is working on
    But yeah, im alive and kicking... just!
    (still gobsmacked a group of people are making a game based around a ship i created!)
  2. Heh, saw your post on the excalibur thread. Was nice to know you were still out there and alive man. Do get in touch one day and remember yourself to an old comrade... whom you won't remember.

    Lemme know what you're up to these days.
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