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  1. take a look in the Akula closeup thread in the gallery, it's in there.
  2. Did you get my PM with my address? I never found a reply
  3. i could swear it was in there. whats your email address?
  4. I went through all 42 pages and collected some great shots from it, but I never found the one with it sitting in the bay... I'd like the one available in the header but cant find it. I, as many have repeated, love your work. How long does it take you do do these things... and while I'm asking, what affiliation was the Tigon class cruiser you made? Most of yours feature Russian markings though I dont remember any being on that one...

    you should find it in there^, happy hunting!
  6. Hey Coolhand. Would mind putting your 'Akula Bay' picture from the header in your gallery? I like that one enough to want it for a background... Great as always.
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