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  1. Happy B'day amigo.
  2. Americans are resolved to pay for bad tobacco, bad booze, and high gas prices, and they do it with a stupid smile on their faces. Lambs off to the slaughter. You want to have a weekend barbecue party you better have $500.00 bucks to blow.
  3. Sounds like every part of the Kingdom really...

    Can't stand Bud, Coors, all that weak crap... Rolling Rock though... i got quite into that, only US beer i've tried and liked, quite different to everything else. We've got so many independant Ale breweries over here though, you'd love trying all the different types of beer we have, and all the european stuff that gets imported. Yum. Not to mention all the types of whisky...

    I'm getting thirsty...
  4. I'm sure your brew is far superior to the watered down swill they serve here.
    I also live in one of the most expensive places you can live in the states. New Jersey is overpriced in every manner conceivable. And they just proposed a new tax on fuel and tobacco products. It's totally out of control here, and people just sit back and take it.
  5. wait, really? 5 pounds for less than half a pint... mind you i guess its about the same in the more expensive UK places... though the beer would be better than US domestic pish.

    our fuel is about 8-9 dollars a gallon, and rising... most of thats tax of course.
  6. How much beer do you get for $10.00.....8oz glass....shots are nearly $20..00 and I mean a small shot. Gas here averages over $4.00.00 a gallon, expected to reach $5 before July 4th. prices rise on a two day basis, for food and fuel.
  7. How much beer do you get for 10 dollars in a US casino?

    You wouldn't like UK fuel prices i can assure you! It's more than a pound a litre now, thats like 2 dollars for a litre, which is way less than a gallon.

    I'm going to start making homebrew... then i might build a still... Comrade Coolhands 100% lethal genuine Soviet Wodka. Hopefully it'll be strong enough to power my car and get me smashed, not at the same time though
  8. Well that depends on were you go, if you go into the casinos you're talking $10.00.
    A normal pup is going to run you anywhere between $4.50.00 to $8.00.00, depending on the beer. The main problem is that 1/3 of all corn grown in the states is being set aside for ethanol fuel, as well as wheats and grains. Bumping up the price, cause as you know these products are the staple of most spirits. As well as feed for cattle, driven up the prices of meats and dairy products. Now couple that with rising fuel prices, forget about it. I might just have to stock up...........
  9. Sorry to hear about the spikes in your jack. I reckon i'm suffering more over here though...! Beer in my local is just under 6 dollars in your money for a pint. how much would a beer in a bar cost over there?
  10. And you will continue to see beer prices rise, seeing how corn is the major bi- product, sad really. Oh and my Jack D has already spiked a bit.......sad...........
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