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  1. That would be very cool!

    I don't have any images but you can download the ship from the Google 3D Warehouse, you can also download a bridge from there that has an MSD on the back that you might find usefull, I can't send you the raw image because I lost it. :P
    (Sending you the links by PM, as I can't put URL code in here)

    The ship is basically a 150m Excelsior with Oberth nacelles, which is pretty weird so feel free to change anything you want about it's design.

    I was planning on making a newer high poly version, but as I'm currently learning to use 3DS Max it'll have to wait till next year.

    Looking forward to see the results!

    PS: Love the Oppenhiemer!
  2. Hi!! thinking of building another one of your concepts that i've found while crusin the net!

    the Kumari Class!

    building a Excellsior bash right now, and i already made an oberth, and i think i can knock this out real fast as an escort for her!

    Just letting ya know, and asking for any more images or refs for her!

    Thanks good sir!
    Kenneth (valkryie013)
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