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  1. hey...glad he received my letter properly...Post Canada is worst then US post at times..hehehe. it was'nt a long letter, single page, few jokes and stuff to lighten-up the mood realy..
  2. Hey Al.

    Just got a letter from Jay Seals (NightShadow). I'll pass on what he said:

    ...In other news, I got a letter from Alain Rivard. You wanna talk about surprises? When I saw the return address at Mail Call my Drill Sergeant said, "Seals, if your eyebrows go any higher, they'll go into orbit." I was actually at a loss for words to reply. And for me, that's no small matter - I've usually got something to say or pontificate about anything. But seeing Alain's address on a letter to me left me so stunned that I could have been knocked over with a feather. If you get a chance, please let him know that I was glad that he sent me a letter and that I'll send him an email when I get to AIT (two weeks)...

    From May 15, I assume.

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