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Thread: U.s.s Atlantis Cvx-4575

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    U.s.s Atlantis Cvx-4575

    just started wighting ROLE PLAYING game about year ago this an ship around her are my baby's im also working on a battle star with it named earth

    story takes place 20 years after gate is put out in open or as government says from the dark to the light Atlantis is ran by a corporation working with earth government which is now one government an not the U.N.

    she earths first carrier to carry more than 30 fighters she meant to defend earth
    first Colonels

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    Very nicely detailed. Well done! Keep it up.

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    This a distant future stargate shippie? I like her design for an original universe, but not for 'Gate. She seems like she'd be the size of Atlantis itself, so...

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    U.s.s. Atlantis Cvx-4575

    U.S.S. ATLANTIS CVX-4575


    Type: super carrier
    First commissioned: 2032
    Size: Capital
    Width: 655m
    Height: 203m
    Decks: 32
    Displacement: 900,500,800 t
    Complement: 300 officers + 2000 crew, evacuation limit: 20000
    Maximum jump:2000 light years all six drives at full power
    Minimum jump: 200 light years two drives spoling
    Sublight speed: 0 9.c (max.)

    Six united aerospace JX-100 experimental jump cors
    Mater antimatter drives cores feeding 2 coils sates
    Impulse drive
    4 ion EX-200 General Electric
    Feed by 12 F-400 fusion generators

    Auxiliary craft
    25 xf-310 falcon
    25 EF-103 Hawk
    50 XF-340 Talon mk2
    50 XF-500 Werewolf
    Shuttles and support craft
    12 type A
    10 grappler recovery craft
    4 hawk long rang scouts
    2 Cyclone class

    Oracle Sensors system
    Sensors: +8 / 18 LY
    exited range sensors
    12 untied aerospace TN-!000 earth asgard highbred

    Defense: 19 (+15 Ablative Armor)
    Dr: 20
    Shield points: 1200 (Regenerative +16 per round / Multiphasic capable)shield beam capable firing one massive blast
    Hull points: (Reinforced Hull structure, with 50% more added Structural
    Integrity Field Generators)

    400 Type-4 practical cannon strips
    Firing Arc: 100 to FWD, Aft, Starboard, and
    Attack Bonus: +13
    Damage: 12d10x2
    Range: 150,000 KM
    Range Modifiers: PB –2, S +0, M/L n/a

    400 Type-X Pulse strips
    Firing Arc: 100 to FWD, Aft, Starboard, and
    Port and starboard
    Attack Bonus: +15
    Damage: 12d10x2
    Range: 150,000 KM
    Range Modifiers: PB –2, S +0, M/L n/a

    400 Type-4 practical cannon strips
    Firing Arc: 100 to FWD, Aft, Starboard, and
    Attack Bonus: +13
    Damage: 12d10x2
    Range: 150,000 KM
    Range Modifiers: PB –2, S +0, M/L n/a

    400 Type-X Pulse strips
    Firing Arc: 100 to FWD, Aft, Starboard, and

    148 Type-2 Critical Mass Cannons
    Firing Arc: 4 forward
    Attack Bonus: +12 (+1 per additional torpedo, max spread 6)
    Damage: 10d20x6
    Range: 8,000,000 KM
    Range Modifiers: PB –6, S -4, M –2, L +0
    Payload: 4000 shells 500 heavy loud

    148 Type-1 Torpedoes Launchers
    Firing Arc: 8 Fwd, 5 Port, 4 Starboard, and 4 Rear
    Attack Bonus: +12 (+1 per additional torpedo, max spread 6)
    Damage: 10d10x4
    Range: 4,000,000 KM
    Range Modifiers: PB –6, S -4, M –2, L +0
    Payload: 25,000 Torpedoes

    The Quantum Space fold Drive
    The primary FTL system of the Atlantis--The Quantum Space fold Drive itself opens a conduit between two points in space, and effectively folds the space in between those two points, allowing for a much less time consuming trip to far off points in space. Sometimes referred to as the "Space Fold" system, Quantum Jump drives are not instantaneous, and sap a lot of energy from a ship's power core when activated. The affective range however, in unlimited, but takes time and is also notorious for sudden malfunctions that fling starships to the far-off corners of the galaxy if not programmed just right. Note: QSF drives have a 15% failure rating. Atlantis use 7 mark star fix navigation system linked to Gemini computers for tasking jump drive for jump take 3 minuets for jump confining Atlantis red line for jump is the longest jump to date. Atlantis can jump up to 400 light years her absolute red line jump is 500 light years

    Ion Drives
    Ion drives are engines, which operate by ionizing the reaction mass, then using electromagnetic Fields to accelerate the ions into an extremely high velocity exhaust. Power must be supplied from an External source, i.e., the ship's power plant.
    Atlantis drives are some of the newest drives unseeing new force drives fields for vector thrust to force the stream of ions into faster and higher speeds and vector thrust for higher speeds but use hydrogen faster. Meaning bussards need to feed faster and more often

    Fusion Reactors

    Nuclear Fusion is the energy-producing process which takes place continuously in the sun and stars. In the core of the sun at temperatures of 10-15 million degrees Celsius, Hydrogen is converted to Helium providing enough energy to sustain life on fields aboard Atlantis. For energy production on Earth, different fusion reactions are involved. The most suitable reaction occurs between the nuclei of the two heavy forms (isotopes) of Hydrogen - Deuterium (D) and Tritium (T); eventually reactions involving just Deuterium or Deuterium and Helium (3He) may be used.

    Zero Point Reactors

    Along side Atlantis’ fusion reactors she has 6 zero point reactors aboard for drive and ship board systems life support weapons are ran from zero point reactors the drives are matter/antimatter mix feed from Atlantis fusion drives they are aligned in the lower halls in linked feed by the fusion chambers by the ion drives and redundant subsystems The reactors themselves are UA 120 Zero Point Reactors ruining a super conducive hyper conducive system making zero point fusion out putting more than the base power than the standard drive.

    Life support systems

    Life support systems are fully regenerative and can support up to 5,000 people on board the ship for up to 12 months or normal crew indefinitely.

    Atlantis class has the most state of the art navigation system in the fleet they can take a star fix at top sub light speeds by 7 fix to stars in jump calculations. Atlantis class, unlike older ships, can go at top sunlight speeds and lock a star fix for fighter and for fleet operations command fleet operations. Atlantis can get star fix for other ships in the fleet. She can also use it to open an off sight jump and control Atlantis’ drive fields to form a jump point

    Atlantis has 4 computers with the Memory of 10 yottabytes unlinked for navigation and sensors and drive systems running at 90.000.0000 Mbps megabytes (million bytes) per second. Taking throw system also is backed up buy a 300 terabyte back up on all decks of Atlantis fighters carrying an 80 terabyte computer aboard that can be linked to Atlantis systems with trekking systems with a 10 level encryption with binary and viruses subsets in encryptions in transfer to fighters Olay system links to USS Atlantis. And other ships in class and tacking the ship drives are wiped win self destructs code is enter an antimatter and 0 point fusion contaminate go off line 20 mints after


    Ship’s sensors operate FTL, with a preparation for jumps and space warping. A wide variety of sensor types are used, covering a broad spectrum of phenomena. Detection and tracking are essentially instantaneous at solar system distances. Atlantis can target more than one ship with sensors and plot over a 500 light year jump.

    Inertial Dampening Field

    The IDF protects the crew and ship’s equipment/cargo from acceleration effects. There is a slight delay in the operation of the IDF which accounts for the occasional tossing about of the crew under extreme accelerations or weapon impacts.
    Tactical note: Loss of IDF in combat will usually result in severe (or even complete) crew casualties due to excessive acceleration forces

    Structural Integrity Field

    The SIF provides the structural support to the ship necessary for operations at accelerations in excess of 3 g’s and under the stress of flight at FTL velocities. Tactical note: Loss of the SIF in combat will usually result in the destruction of the ship due to stress in excess of the ship’s structural loading capacity.

    Atlantis has a 4th generation Shields designed just for Atlantis class carrier they are AX-400 system shield web interlink defaces the ax-400 runs on a high EM wave state of 800 massed with the Point Defense Weapons grid and Practical cannons running on a 4000.000 Tara watt emitter array Shields are able to ramp-up 15 times per melee, or once per second, to deflect an attack. This makes the Atlantis class one of the most formidable starships in the fleet, due to its high density of shield strength combined with it's near
    Deflector Shields: 450 MDC normal mode, ramp-up to 35,000 MDC at point of impact from threat weapon system

    Particle Cannons Technical Data:
    These weapons use the basic building blocks of the atom as projectiles.
    The Electron Particle Cannon (EPC strips away the electrons from atoms
    Then, a complicated series of superconductivity magnets and focusers accelerate the
    Streams of electrons come near the speed of light before spewing them at the target.
    Though the magnets, focusers, and mechanisms are used to acquire the electrons, they are relatively small and lightweight. The power required to fire the weapon is high. The EPC is a short-range weapon.
    The beam, which is visible in space as a faint blue line, is most effective for close in fighting between ships. An EPC hit is dispersed over the surface of the target. Thus, rather than penetrating armor plating, EPCs boil it off in large chunks, a layer at a time. Because planetary atmospheres prove to be too much of a barrier to the high negative charge of the EPC beam, it has not been possible to develop versions suited to planet side combat.


    Torpedoes may utilize a variety of warheads and sensor/control systems. Current Federation weapons in this category include photon torpedoes and quantum torpedoes. Torpedoes are semi-autonomous with onboard sensors and control. This means that they possess tracking/homing capabilities against a wide variety of targets.
    Target bearing imposes no limitation upon torpedo deployment. This means that forward launchers may be used to fire on targets in your rear arc.

    Antimatter matter torpedoes (AM torps):

    Few details are currently available on quantum torpedoes. What follows is my current estimation of quantum torpedo capabilities.
    Antimatter and matter utilize a zero-point energy device in place of a warhead. It is assumed that this device produces a yield comparable to the Antimatter matter Yield is not a function of weapon range. Warp capability is provided by a warp sustainer coil powered by a m/a reaction.
    Antimatter/matter range is the same as that of the Antimatter matter
    Antimatter/matter arming circuits require 0.1 seconds flight time as a safety feature to prevent inadvertent damage to the firing vessel.

    Range: Powered torpedo range is 8000 miles (12,875 km) in an atmosphere and 4,000,000 miles (6,437,376 km/ 21.5 light seconds) in space
    Mega-Damage & Properties: Photon Torpedoes (Matter/Anti-Matter Warheads): Old Series inflict 2D6x100 each through Six inflict 3D6x100, and Next Generation inflicts 4D6x100 each. Quantum Torpedoes: 8D6x100 each.
    Rate of fire: One at a time or in volleys of 2 per launcher, per melee round, for a maximum of 8 torpedoes per melee. Launchers are reloaded on the same melee and can be fired again on the next.
    Payload: 200 torpedoes (because the launchers are right next to each other they all use the same magazine).

    Critical mass cannons
    Accelerate a chunk of near radioactive matter lead gold depleted uranium as close to speed of Light as possible when impacts it should reach critical mass, Yielding a multi-gigaton blast. Actual radioactive matter would Yield a larger blast but require sophisticated field to prevent immediate explosion accelerator fields or motors can provide Accelerate. Atlantis uses many power settings to put power to the shell at top power the to the shells to fire

    Shell types hit points

    Stiletto c-1 2D4X1000
    Haller c-2 4D4X1000
    Tri cobalt round c-3 4D6X1000
    Quantum round c-4 4D6X1000
    Shaker round c-5 1D6X1000
    Dart round c-6 1D6X1000
    Knights shot c-7 2D6X1000
    Archer tracking rounds c-9 2D6X1000
    Grape shot ball barring or C-10 2D6X1000
    Heavy barrel cd-1 3D6X1000

    Michael Brown launched Atlantis in 2035 and refit 10 years later.
    Atlantis is a culmination of United Aerospace projects though out the years Atlantis was main the project for 10 years. Atlantis uses the newest technology of Earth. It took over 60 billon U.S. dollars to construct most of Atlantis’ ships. At time of most of Atlantis’ ships were the size of ships on Earth like subs and carriers. Atlantis is largest ship to date in the Earth fleet. Atlantis is also now far more than just size the Atlantis also was first large ship to have Faster than Light (F.T.L) drive also first to have magnetic drive aboard also first to have Critical Mass Cannon (C.M.C). Atlantis has mead peace colonies and forming the United Nations of Earth. Atlantis also did number of expiations to other systems in galaxy along side being first Earth ship to make FTL jump meeting 15 races in deep space and first contact with the Galactic Alliance of Plants. Also the Shrive and Simma.
    And use of first full jump drive Atlantis as wall as a wave form drive she was out fitted with first ion drive ION 4 call drive and the first ship to carry more than one antimatter drives onboard a starship also to have first carrier to more than 20 fighters.

    Alongside her battle history, Atlantis has also been Earth’s ambassador. She was charged with delivering Earth’s representatives to Eleanor, Simma, and Shrive worlds as well as defending the united Earth colonies. The new Earth space fleet was formed around the Atlantis class and most new classes of Earth ships were based off her. At the battle of Four Points, Atlantis stopped two opposing colonial fleets from destroying one another, and helped negotiate the first treaty in the Colony Wars. Atlantis was first the ship to successfully use jump systems in combat for flash maneuvers. An earlier attempt by the Jupiter alliance of colonies or Jovian navy ship, the Tartarus, resulted in Phobos being blown to bits by an antimatter reactor explosion.

    Ship of the line

    USS Atlantis CVX-4575
    USS Shangri-La CVX-4576
    USS Alexandria CVM-6070
    USS Pacifica CVM-6090
    USS El-dorado CVX-4579
    USS Camelot CVX-4578
    USS Troy CVX-4579
    USS Sparta CVX-4580
    USS Thebes CVX-4590
    USS Athens CVX-4540
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    she not that big

    Quote Originally Posted by nhall View Post
    This a distant future stargate shippie? I like her design for an original universe, but not for 'Gate. She seems like she'd be the size of Atlantis itself, so...

    she only a 1/2 mi long

    city size is five square miles

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    atlantis aray of craft

    has fighting large an small an shuttles an escort class ships

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    Those have some sweet detail on them. Have you thought of rendering lighting and shadow onto them? Some anti-aliasing would help too.

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    my goodness...
    I've just realised that thread, and my first thought was:
    It's wonderful... Those ships have wonderful details and give a beautiful image...
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    few of atlantis sisters

    USS NEW YORK battleship
    USS El-dorado carrier
    USS Athena macha carrier

    just a few of Atlantis sisters

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    Looks cool, though 1200 meters is 3/4 of a mile, not 1/2. And just curious, what language are you tanslating from?

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