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Thread: Star Wars projects thread

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    New ISD WIP up:

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    Looks amazing so far dude!
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    Continuing my 4k re-renders:

    Hangar function shown for once.

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    Missile Boat 4k gallery up:

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    AT-AT and Juggernaut re-rendered galleries:

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    Those renders are beautiful.

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    Latest star destroyer updates:

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    I love the blue... I honestly don't remember if that's in the original movies (it's been a long time since I'v watched them), so in my headcanon they're using a new cleaner-burning more efficient fuel, and everyone in there is just so happy with it.

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    Anyone know what happened with Fractal? I know he's got a new container ship design up on his site, but its been ages since we've seen him on here. On that note, to avoid irritating mods about necroing, some actual info.

    The commissioned design (not mine), looks almost completely finished and in fact, I believe he has finished it (edit: nope, its still a WIP). There are at least 6 views of it on his site, front page. I'd post a direct link, but I believe that would be overstepping my bounds and being incredibly rude. Just follow his signature link, and its the first thing that pops up at the moment.
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    Nice to see someone else going for a Gallofree medium transport approach to container hauling! IMO though it looks a little unrefined as yet - like it wants to be a CEC design what with the forward tube hull and flared mid section, but hasn't quite made it yet.

    On the other hand with the big engine pods it does remind me of the big Botajef AA-9 transports from Episode II (shudder!) so I'm curious as to the commissioner's thoughts behind it.
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