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Thread: Star Wars projects thread

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    Wow. That's an interesting design. Looking forward to seeing her progress! Assuming the unusual angle of the circular launching system is to give it the widest field of fire? And that the bridge model is ~ the same side as an ISD? She certainly looks small and fast, if that scale is correct.

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    Well, here's my take on the Lancer.

    I begrudge it its traditional "Frigate" rating - after all it's not even 2/3 the volume of a Vigil. But anyway. I tried to keep the traditional design cues, but tweaked the profile line to make it look less like a sex toy. The gun positions are provisional, but there are supposed to be 20 of them (only could ever find 18 on the old schematics, so improvised the last two). Mix of quadruple close-in defense lasers and paired light turbolaser/long-barrel laser cannon - make it more a useful small warship than just an antifighter platform.

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    A commissioned design for a Mandalorian cruiser. 400m, OT/PT era aesthetics

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