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    Grandeur Bridge v2.0

    Some history:
    So here we are, a completely new and virgin project: the second version of the U.S.S. Grandeur bridge interior. SeanR had originally created one using the Ent-E bridge interior as a heavy influence, but when Vektor got rolling on the new version of the ship itself we all realized that the great-looking bridge module he'd created didn't fit with the bridge interior designed by SeanR oh-so-many years ago.

    I was brought on to the project when SeanR found himself unable to continue working on it. Believe me when I say that his are some extremely difficult shoes to fill and I sometimes feel that I've bitten off more than I can chew. Regardless, I've committed myself to it and will see it through to the last. Fortunately, Sean will hopefully be able to steer me in the right direction during this process and the end result will be a fine blend between his incredible interior design skills and my own relatively effective modelling skills.

    For starters, let's get going with the basic outline/shape of the bridge module itself, as it was designed by Vektor:

    Right now it ain't much to look at, but soon I will be sectioning things off and adding stations. Once the layout/blueprint is complete I will then begin the actual modelling process. Any ideas or suggestions about where things can go would be welcome and probably very helpful.

    So... let's begin, shall we?
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