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Thread: Some hints and tips for project advertisers

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    Some hints and tips for project advertisers

    We recommend that the following information be presented in your request to ensure that forum members are given enough information to decide whether they would like to join your project or not.

    This will help our membership to evaluate your project quickly and easily and also result in more effective advertisement for your staffing needs, leading to a higher likelyhood of recruitment.

    It is in your best interests to provide the following:
    • Brief description of the project and its goals
    • Project website (if available)
    • The benifits of being involved with the project, IE - Why should someone be involved? Is the work to be pro bono or will there be some form of compensation? eg, Paid work, free webhosting etc.
    • Any images you may have of the development process thus far.
    • Number of staff currently involved with the project.
    • If the project is a game mod or similar, what game/engine is being modded?

    Feel free to contact me or any of the staff if you have any questions.
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