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Thread: WIP Forum Rules and Posting Guidelines

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    WIP Forum Rules and Posting Guidelines

    Welcome to the Work in Progress forum. This is by far the most popular forum here at SFM, and as such, it is important that everyone follows the rules in order to keep this area clutter free and functional.


    "Necroposting" is the act of posting in a thread long after it was last active. Before posting in a thread where the last reply is over a month old, please adbide by the following guidelines:

    - First, make sure the project is not finished yet. If it is, it's probable the original poster won't come back to look at it.

    - If the project was never finished, and you want to know the status of it, PM the original poster about it.

    - Please do not post pointless comments like "Nice work" or "Keep it up" - they add nothing to the topic, push active threads of the main forum index and irritate members who revisit the thread to look for updates.

    If you are the original owner of the thread and decide to continue your project, then feel free to post as you like. These rules should apply to all WIP areas with no exception. Also, if the original thread author wishes to have a thread locked to prevent necroposting, they can PM a staff member to ask for this to be done. It should be noted though that the thread will have to be unlocked by a staff member before they can post in the future.

    ================================================== ========

    Changing thread titles, prefixes etc

    If you wish to rename your thread or change any of the options or titles associated with it, please PM a staff member and clearly list the following:

    Thread Title:

    What the thread prefix should be:

    Please include the link to your thread. We have a lot of WIPs going on, so searching for specific threads can be quite tedious.

    ================================================== ========

    Mesh Theft / Plagarism

    Occasionally, we experience incidents involving people passing off others' work as their own.

    This is completely unacceptable and will result in your account being terminated and IP address(es) banned.

    You will be caught. We have many members here who are familiar with many models, someone will recognise your work as originating from elsewhere.

    What do I do if I believe someone has stolen another artists work?

    Use the report post button to the left of every post, and include links to any evidence you have. We would prefer that you not instigate a witchhunt on the boards or in the suspect members thread. The staff take meshtheft/imagetheft very seriously and will take action immediately.

    What do I do if I've stolen another artists work?

    Be afraid, be very afraid. Your days here are numbered. Only one thing is certain - the humiliation of a banning for meshtheft. And you will not be making any friends amongst the people who you tricked into getting comments and praise from. If you have made a genuine mistake and wish to own up, contact the staff immediately.

    Why is this even important?

    For the sociopathic among us, this may seem like an reasonable question, for the rest, the answer is obvious. It takes great skill and talent, not to mention time, to create some of the incredible art you see on this site. As a site dedicated to the creation and appreciation of this art, we go to great lengths to protect the hard work of others and take breaches of such a basic right as ownership very seriously.

    Additionally, we host models here at SFM. We appreciate that people put up models for free for others to use. It's a generous contribution to the community. It's only right that credit it given for those who have shared their work. If people continue to steal other's work and post it here or even elsewhere, people will possibly reconsider sharing their work in the future, or even at all. Some may even take down the models they put up previously.
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    '' What do I do if I've stolen another artists work? ''

    I mean this is one wild topic here . I would never want to cross that line . But sure enough some of the things needs to be cleared , I guess . I love scifi to the core . I would not like to be called a thief or be banned from something that I love . So lets say I do rebuild my all time favorite vessel from a scratch ,based on the original and add my own take to her hull and wherever else ... and there is another one ''You will be caught. We have many members here who are familiar with many models, someone will recognise your work as originating from elsewhere. '' I mean dont we all get inspiration from other beautiful piece of art . Now what happens If I take the shape from one of Andrew Probert's design and say ,this my ultra contemporary take on D DERIDEX , am I still guilty . To be honest with you all ,no matter how wild original you think your design is .It may ,indeed be . But thinking the very scale of the universe , your original thought is only a limitation of human imagination .
    sincerely yours MPINARCI
    we bring peace to the universe

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    and what is up with I am constantly getting droped from your servers .

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