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Thread: Posting Guidelines - Please read before submitting work

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    Posting Guidelines - Please read before submitting work

    Welcome to SFM’s Finished Work gallery. This forum contains finished art in a number of categories, including 3d, 2d, animation, physical modeling and photography. When posting a new thread, please ensure you select the appropriate thread prefix.

    Filtering Content

    In addition to the standard vBulletin search functionality, you are able to filter this forum based on the categories listed above. To do this, simply click on the category links listed at the top of the forum index page. To return to the full unfiltered view, just click the “Finished Work” link above the category list.

    Please read this before posting, if you have any questions or do not understand the issues raised please contact a staff member.

    Thread Thumbnails

    If you post a thread in this forum you must attach an image in your first post. This allows the forum software to make a thread thumbnail that will show up on the forum index.

    Threads without at least 1 image attachment are subject to either editing or removal which is at the discretion of the forum moderators.

    How to add an attachment
    Once you have finished typing your thread, scroll down untill you see a button called 'Manage Attachments'. Click this and the attachments window will pop up. To upload your image, click the 'Browse' button and locate the image on your computer. Once you have located it click the 'open' button or double click it, the browse window will close. Then just hit the 'upload' button and wait for it to upload! Upload times will vary depending on the filesize and your internet connection. Once the upload is complete you will see your file listed in the attachments window. Now just close the window and post your thread.

    To upload using a URL, just simply paste the URL into the box named 'Upload File from an URL' and hit upload.


    All art posted on both the Scifi-Meshes forums and Gallery must contain credits within the image or animation. The only exception to this rule is Work in Progress images posted in the WIP forum. If all work shown in a WIP thread is your own, then credits are not required although it is recommended both for the protection of your work and the ensuring you receive any recognition your work might bring. Trust us...You never know who might be checking out your work.

    As well as crediting yourself, credits on images must include acknowledgment of any image elements (background plates, models, etc.) that are not your own.

    For animations, you must have legible credits in your video, either at the start or the end. It is not enough to list them in a forum post. In the credits, you must credit yourself and anyone who has submitted models or any other element to your animation, unless they have explicitly stated that they do not require credits. e.g "Romulan Kerchan by Hobbes", or "Stock footage from Detonation films" etc.

    Note: While credits are required, there are no rules about how they must be displayed. As long as the names of contributors or mesh creators are clearly readable, you may choose to display your credits in any manner you wish. Some members prefer to use a logo, others their SFM name and others their real name. This is an art site - Feel free to be creative!

    Guidelines for posting Animations / Videos

    You must satisfy all these requirements before posting:

    1. Upload a still from your video to be used as a thumbnail image for the main gallery index page. This will allow members to get an idea of what your animation is about and increase your chances of getting relevant and useful feedback.

    2. If embedding a video file, please state which video format and codec you have used to encode the video, this is so our members will know which software they need to play the file.
    e.g. "Avi Divx 5.0.2" or "Mpeg Xvid" etc.

    3. Your video must contain credits - see the Image and Animation Credits section above for more details.

    If in doubt add a credit anyway. If you can't find who made a particular element and therefore cannot add a credit, you may not post your video here. This rule is to protect those who release their work for free to the public and to ensure they can continue to enrich the community by releasing their work with the confidence that it will not be stolen and passed off as someone elses. It's only fair to the original artist.

    We look forward to seeing your images and animations! Again, if you have any questions please contact a member of staff.

    Thank you.
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    This is good information .

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    It would be a good idea to set this thread so it isn't automatically hidden for being so old.

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