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Thread: S.S. Enterprise UEV-47

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    I've been doing more work on this model. Since I started this thread I modified my design philosophy to be based on much harder sci-fi.

    For more info about the universe this exists in read here:

    Here's a closeup of the main module. The figure standing on it gives scale. However, the orientation of the deck is perpendicular to the hull of the ship. This allows for acceleration based artificial gravity.

    The large dome on the front is the navigational deflector. The lower circle used to be the bridge window, but when I flipped the deck orientation it became the housing for a sensor array. Though the bridge will still be in the lower cylinder. That ball on the side is modular Mission Module.

    Here's the classic view of the ship from the Recreation Deck of the NCC-1701 refit. The warp reactor is house in the aft half. The long stalk between the two parts of the ship is to protect the crew against the potential radiation hazards in the engineering section. Pardon the mess.

    This is the back view of the Mission Module. It's the dome on the side of the main module. These are modular pods that can be hot swapped depending on mission requirements. You can see by the figure here the orientation of the decks.

    Here is the observation dome which also functions as the control booth during shuttle launches and retrieval. You can also see the shuttle bay hatches open. the cylinders inside represent the shuttles. These are moved around on rails between the storage, repair, and launch bays.

    This is the Enviropod. It is a multi role craft. During high radiation events its additional layer of shielding can protect the entire crew. All important ships functions can be controlled from here. Equipped with warp drive it can also function as a long range cargo shuttle. It also has reentry capabilities and can be used an a lifeboat for the entire crew.

    Here is the main crew quarters. The bunks are four deep and hot bunking is practices. Each bunk comes equipped with bedding straps to prevent the crew from being thrown about during different maneuvers. So the bunks can be used during artificial gravity and zero gravity situations. The interior of each bunk will allow for customization and personal effects for up to three crew members. Other items will be stored in lockers.

    This is the long range shuttle craft, unlike the other shuttles it is capable of warp travel. Because of this hardware, the interior is very small. The interior space is reduced further because of the radiation shielding needed for long rang missions. It is capable of transporting up to four people and limited amount of cargo.

    Here you can see the cramped interior.

    You'll notice the fifth person laying down in this image. That is a place holder for where the toilet facilities will go.

    Because of the requirement to store the shuttle in a small space and ingenious method was developed to stow and then deploy the warp ring. On the farthest left the ring segments are stowed. In the middle the ring segments are extended outward. Then the on the right, the front two segments are moved rearward and locked into place to complete the ring.

    I've been working a bit on the sensor dome. I'd like to have the dome semi transparent with hints of the equipment underneath. But right now it seems too random. Maybe I'll just model the sensors and make the dome transparent.
    That little black thing is where the forward cameras will go.

    Here's the crew quarters. I've added the other doors and blocked out the lockers. I'm not sure that I like how high the top row is. You'd have the step on the handle to get up there. But then again, in zero G operations it wouldn't matter. I guess I need to decide how much locker space each crewman needs.

    I've been working on the bridge. It's still mostly being blocked out.

    The entrance to the bridge is behind the Captain. There are six stations around the edge of the bridge. The two seats in the front are the helm. The port helm station is primarily controls the of orientation of the ship. The starboard helm station controls lateral movement, centridyne(impulse), and warp drive. The object in the center of the bridge is a holographic astrogator. The astrogator is positioned in the center so that the captain can easily see it. This, and the forward-most, port-side station, make up the navigation station. To the left of the navigator's station is the sensor station. The science station is to the left(nearest the camera) of the sensor station. The other stations on the starboard side are the communications station, and engineering station, and weapons station.

    I'm not too keep on the views screens yet. My thought is that I don't want to have a "main" view screen, but rather multiple status screens. But this version just seems a bit off.

    Here's a closeup of the astrogator. Not much to see yet. I decided to put in this feature because I wanted some sort of plotting table for navigation. The main computer on the old ringship blueprints is a table with a big dome in the center. I was also influenced by the Jupiter II from Lost in Space which has a domed control station, I also liked the domed plotting table from seaQuest DSV. I think this would be very useful for giving both the navigator and Captain a sense of where the ship is in 3D space. Being an enclosed hologram it is keeping with my hard scifi prerogative.

    Here's a closeup of the starboard helm station. The joystick give the left hand thruster control (X,Y,Z translation). The right hand controls six levers for the centridyne engine stages, and the two levers(which can't be seen in this view) that control the warp power. One lever for each engine.

    Here's a view from the Captain's Chair. I'm debating whether that bottom screen should be a screen or a more specialized status display panel. Those upper wall panels extend too far into the room and really limit the angles that the screens can be seen from, so I'll be adjusting those.

    I realized that somewhere along the line my ship was scaled up too big. It was nearly as long as the constitution class. :eek: So I scaled it back down. Fortunately, this wont affect my bridge very much. It will probably affect the crew quarters and it affected my shuttles. Which leads me on to my next topic...shuttles.

    I've been redesigning the interior of my warp capable shuttle, but there's nothing worth showing yet. My real effort has been on a shuttle concept that has been vexing me for quite some time. The deal is I need a shuttle that is capable of space and atmospheric travel. It also needs to fit in to a 1.95m x 4.25m cylinder. This smaller shuttle pod will only carry two people so I wanted to try and fit two of these craft in the space.

    This is what I eventually came up with:

    On the far right you see the cylinder plus docking rings. To the left of that are the two craft in docked/stowed position. When launching the top craft will leave first and then the second(if used). On the far left you see the craft with the docking ring stowed and wings deployed.

    The idea behind this craft is that it can operate in space and atmosphere. It wont have enough power to make orbit, but it will be able to travel at supersonic speeds. This is so it can attach on to a rotating skyhook for orbital insertion. This thing got even more complex when I realized I needed to stow the docking ring internally. It will require a set of doors, but the very small space will make it difficult. I still haven't got it worked out yet.

    I based the general design and shape on the Northrop HL-10 lifting body, though it bears only a passing resemblance.

    The craft will be powered by some sort of rocket or rocket/jet engine hybrid for use in oxygen atmospheres.

    The craft will be capable of landing on both land and liquid, though I'm still figuring out a rough terrain landing system for a supersonic capable craft.

    I would love to throw this thing in a wind tunnel simulation and watch it fail.

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    Wow, nice progress. Everything is looking good so far.

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    I like the approach you are taking to this.
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