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Thread: Pen and ink ships since I can't model

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    Some control panels:

    Inspired by an 80s rack system, very square and solid. The screens would have very simple wireframe animations, the buttons would have a little light behind them.

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    First ship in a long time. A friend asked me to design an underwater aircraft carrier that resembles a clam, a twist on the SHIELD hellicarrier. A couple minutes later this came out.

    It feels a bit cartoonish, maybe that's the scale that I drew the details in, but at the same time I'm thinking it would be nice for it to be simplified and rounded like that to make it stealthier as well as easier to clean.
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    This idea has been in my head for a while, wasn't sure if I'd be able to draw it... well, I guess I can but I don't think I'm doing it justice. This is Dragon Colony, the dystopican uber-metropolis in space that Page and Sasha called home.

    The dragon is all glass... if there are skyscrapers and landscrapers, I guess this is a space-scraper. It's where the rich and powerful of Dragon Colony love and play, while the lower classes, the criminals, and the workers toil away in the dirty city inside the rock.

    And here's my first concept for the Officer's quarters on board the Iron Star. It keeps the brutalist aesthetic but I think it makes it a bit mora agreeable. It also reminds me of the quarters from DS9.

    Having the shelves in that divider keeps the area airy, I think... the design itself is brutalist but I think the decorative touches would be more minimalist to try and take the edge off. I haven't decided what retrofits would be in there yet.
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    More stuff, more stuff.

    First attempt at designing a cylinder space colony... the sails don't really fit, I like them but they're more organic so I think I'll try to add more of that into the next design. The cylinders are made by a super-advanced species (known to us just as "the builders") and no human has ever seen inside. But I wanted the exterior to look more advanced, intimidating, and detailed than the ones I had seen before.

    The outside is solar accelerator sails, which create energy and magnify light into the cylinder (which rotates, though we only see that middle pillar actually spin from the outside. The candy bar looking struts are docking bays for ships.

    At some point, I'm going to dive deep into Planet Earth and similar documentaries to study and doodle animals, I'm sure I'll find a more nature-inspired way of tackling this thing.

    More attempts at designing/understanding Japanese mecha designs.

    I recycled my old car desk tape adapter thing and stuck it on top of a soundbar that just happened to have a notch the same shape as the tape... got my mind going on what modern day, minimalist tape players or floppy disk readers might look like. Just a bit of fun.

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