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Thread: Pen and ink ships since I can't model

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    Rough ideas for an early version of the controller ship. I don't have anything definitive yet, but I like the general direction, it feels more like a piece of industrial machinery or something, before the later revisions which became popular with civilians.

    I was kind of inspired by Solo, I'm not nuts about the movie but I liked how there was one part that felt like World War I, and it felt like they were still figuring out space travel despite the fact they had it forever. That's where my head was with this.

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    Just found this on Tumblr... I can see this being the civilian airport section of the Iron Star, where civilians arrive at when they come to visit prisoners.

    edit: Oh my gosh, look at these! The Iron Star doesn't have a courtyard, but I can so imagine Keeley or Page waiting on one of these.

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    More art!

    Concept for a holo-pit, sit down and watch a hologram. Inspired by Hyperion as well as the basic layout of Douglas Trumbull's Magi cinema pod.

    Elements for a dropship... I couldn't picture the whole thing in my head, so it feels like I'll have to kitbash something onto this. The bottom image looks like the rear bumper to me, so I don't know what we'll see out front.

    Doodles for a futuristic wooden boat.

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    How have I not posted these yet? Doodles inspired by Martin Silenas' farcaster house in Hyperion. One room on each planet, what a brilliant idea! Real estate would be so much cheaper, you get your choice of views all throughout the house... of course, each room gets to be big and grand in its' own way.

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    Wow, it's been a while since I posted. Drew a bunch, but didn't scan/finish ("finish") many of them until now.

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