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Thread: The Star Wars Project

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    Looking great so far. The Wilde Karrde is a great ship.

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    @evil_genius_180 Thanks!
    The works on the Karrde are somewhat in the background now, but only because other topics of the fan movie are currently in focus. The Karrde comes last but not least in the production pipeline Still it's a beast, since the necessary additional detail work is really time consuming...

    At the moment I work on the preparations for outdoor and green screen shootings this year. Meanwhile we have already some great characters in the cast and I'm sure they will make a great appearance. Checkout for more.

    In one of the 'real' shootings on a fantastic mountain summit, there will be some additional CGI building elements and the shuttles. To have my both shuttles ready at hand for compositing when the time comes, I already converted them for Arnold now.
    And all I can say myself is 'WOW', because it's so fun to dive into the parameters of a new material system, when the outcome is that great, although you aren't a material master. Arnold just does it right and I hope they continue to expand the possibilities to provide this renderer also for users on a budget. Since it's Autodesk now, I'm sure they will do somehow.

    "Closed formation!"

    So all depends now on the camera tracking function and if that works -> rock'n roll

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