OK, so, this is my first post to scifi-meshes that I can remember, especially where I'm offering pay. Please be gentle if I'm unclear or if something is missing, or if the ideas are dumb, or so forth. Tell me if those are true, but be gentle.

For a Star Trek RPG I run, I need to create a few graphical elements. I would love to do even the starter work on these things myself, but the reality is that, in Real Life, I have vision problems and hand-eye coordination deficits. I can do text descriptions fine, but I can't even draw a straight line, either on paper or in MS paint. Beyond just being frustrating, in some cases it physically hurts to attempt to draw things. Nonetheless, I have mental images of what I hope to see, and I will try to share those with you.

With that said, some background and basic guidelines:

1. The RPG in question is located at http://jerusalem.rpgs-r.us/. We use Mark Kingsnorth's Ascennsion-class mesh to represent the "home" starship. I will grab the mesh files for that for you if you don't want to look them up yourself.

2. On the issue of rights: Use what you create for me however you want in the future. I am not going to mind. Where possible and practical, I'll make sure you get continuing credit on my site for what you do, above and beyond the monetary payment. There may be other work for other projects I am involved with, in the future, but no promises there.

3. I am hoping to pay on a "per final piece" basis. I don't have the money, unfortunately, to do a per-hour pay rate. I know the pay rates quoted are probably low, but I don't know what a decent pay rate is.

4. I am willing to pay via Paypal or Google Wallet, in US Dollars in all cases. Payment will occur once the work is done and accepted by me. In virtually all cases I can guarantee payment within 24 hours.

5. I really prefer to work via email or Skype Instant Message. I am located on the US East Coast, for reference.

6. Where I note deadlines, I am a stickler for them. I will allow for extensions, though - RL happens, and none of these are high-paying enough that I feel comfortable being insistent on the deadlines, so long as stuff gets done.

With those things out of the way, what I am looking for:

1. A map for a "handout", formatted like a Starfleet military map. This image will be going up on the website within a wiki article - I'm not precisely sure of the image specs this wiki wants, but am already asking the developer of my RPG's software. My description/notes for the map are kind of long, but I can email or PM them upon request. It doesn't need to be a pretty map, but it needs to be a map. Pay rate would be around $75.

2. A floor plan/deck plan (pick your favorite term) for a custom-designed Deck 1 (including bridge) for the hero ship. If wishes were ponies, I could leverage the deck plan into the basis for later renders, but one step at a time. The descriptions are somewhat long and would be drawn from narrative, so I'll email or PM them to those interested. The specs for this image: PNG is the preferred image format by far, with a max file size of no more than 2048KB. Pay rate would be around $75.

If you need more info, feel free to post here or contact me by PM.