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Thread: Spaceship "Electra" by I14R10

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    Spaceship "Electra" by I14R10

    Hi Everyone

    This is spaceship "Electra" (maybe? the name is also WIP) designed by me. For some time I wanted to design entire spaceship and this is the result. I have a short story behind this spaceship, but it's only bunch of ideas that need to be put together in a more complete story.

    This is basic story.

    420 years from today, fractures in space time are discovered in Alfa Centaury system. Later that same year they are discovered in Epsilon Eridani star system too. 1 year later they are discovered in Earth system. Normal matter can't fall into the fracture because of repulsive force from the fracture. But they have some other effect that is discovered later and it's a big danger to our universe. This ship is sent to investigate the fractures and see if they can be closed.
    That's all folks for now! Let's go to the art.

    I'm working in blender. Cycles renderer is used for rendering images.

    I had about 20 different ideas for the spaceship and I liked this one the most of all.
    I currently have basic structure and looks of 5 rooms in the spaceship. And I have two types of corridors. This is the first one

    This is the second one. This one needs more work

    I have 5 rooms that are early in the design phase. Engineering is one of them, but it's a bit more developed than the others

    It's not a lot, but it's something. I should make more visible progress when I am done placing the corridors. There's not point in showing concept art that is not even half developed.
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