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Thread: Star Trek Interiors

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    Ahh, yes I forgot to swap the two stations around, done!

    Been working on the labels and stickers some more these past few days:

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    Absolutely perfect!

    Incidentally and for anyone interested, the Starboard Egress opens onto a corridor not much wider than a standard set of turbo doors; this grants access to a modified Deck 1 similar in size (though not design) to that of the Constitution refits.

    On entering the corridor, immediately opposite there's a small hatch leading to an emergency equipment and ODN trunking closet. The corridor then follows the curve of the bridge as it heads around behind it. The first fullsized door opens into a Ready Room taking up the Starboard aft quarter of Deck 1.

    Next the corridor opens onto a stairwell (which can be sealed off but usually remains open) heading aft down to Deck 2 along the centreline of the vessel.

    Finally the corridor ends at a door in mirrored location to the Ready Room, accessing a cramped Mess and Head. These take up Portside Aft of Deck 1, and abutt the portside Turboshaft.

    Both Ready Room and Mess feature an aft-looking viewport; there's of course no docking ring on this module.
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