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Thread: Diving into Blender

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    Diving into Blender

    First time diving into regular 3D modelling from a CAD background, and boy its weird dealing with this topology.

    Had an idea for a ship with a repair arm and also was thinking of how I could compact the Millenium Falcon down and possibly push some Corellian design aesthetics in a different direction.
    Just about all of the forms are blocked out ready for more detailing however i'm probably going to play around with the engine, adjust the hull to make it slanted from one corner, as well as possibly pulling back one side for asymmetry.
    Also i'm a bit unsure of the dimensions, the cockpit is supposed to be for one man and as a whole the ship looks a bit long.

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    Always nice to see more Blender users

    You have a good start there, keep experimenting!
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    Welcome to the forum.

    Nice start indeed. I like what you're doing here with the shapes. Keep experimenting with Blender, it's great software and worth the time to learn, in my opinion.

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    Good start. It's an interesting design for sure. Looking forward to seeing it progress.

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    Starting to get better at blocking out ideas, but still figuring out going into higher poly territory.
    Heres just a block out of an idea to merge some NASA space shuttle aesthetics and bring the NX more into line with TOS.

    Click image for larger version. 

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