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Thread: Enterprise Refit VR Exploration Project

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    Quote Originally Posted by mdta View Post
    Having the extra support to "lock" in the computer core once installed is very sensible.
    I would suggest there be a small open-able panel on each to allow for a manual release system, should the computer core be down and unable to release before removing the core.

    Do you imagine the core being a singular object that slides in, or made up of segments that "snap" together? Can you upgrade a singular part of the core? Can you connect a debug or engineering panel to individual parts of the core on the deck, to test for problem quadrants?

    So many ideas and possibilities of things to do!

    Will there be any visible activity with the Computer core? Like lights, and activating panels beside parts of the core?

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    Originally I did have the entire core as one giant object, but the more I looked at it the less logical that became, so now each deck has its own individual core segment which connects above and below to the cores on the other decks. At the very top there's a similar connection to the base of the helm console in the bridge. This means each segment can be replaced individually if it fails beyond repair, but you will still need to remove the other cores above it to get it out (sucks if the one 9 decks down fails :P).

    I see each core being primarily responsible for the operations on its given deck, but the entire stack can operate as a single giant core if required for complex computations. A bit like distributed computing, so if one core fails in deep space the others can pick up the slack.

    I love your example with the lights and control interface. That's exactly what I had in mind

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    I guess for basic repairs you could possibly remove a part of the deck segment, with a full "unstacking" only when absolutely needed.

    The main thought was a data centre, but self contained in a column between decks. Green for active connection nodes, Blue for available nodes, Red for damaged or repairing etc.

    Once it is all flickering, beeping sounds, that nice hum sound. It will feel like a real hive of activity and life.

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