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Thread: The JR-Prise, Constitution Class Redesign

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    Quote Originally Posted by trekki View Post
    What things are different, please describe briefly.
    For me, only the text on the Hull does not shine.
    The bridge sensor dome is more yellow/green, the light bar on the bridge is blue instead of yellowish/white - incidentally, that light bar is derived from the self-illumination lights on the Disco-Prise, but I couldn't get it to work well in Blender. So for my version it became an extra sensor strip, like the glowing edge around the saucer. I switched all the registry and pennant stuff to being internally lit like signs are in real life, because that's ancient technology. Would they really shine a light on a painted logo in the future? Doesn't make sense to me.

    It looks like the textures are missing from the deflector dish. There's some blue from the warp core leaking out in front of the flux tuner thing. I don't know how that's happening. The bussard scoops look a little puffed out but maybe it is the shader fooling me.

    I'm not going to have a cow if you're making your own changes. Probably everyone will.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bosun View Post
    Anybody else think this would look great next to a Metaluna class?
    Huh, just when I thought I'd seen all the fan Connie's. He did a lot of things similarly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kuckuk333 View Post
    Nice design. Much better than the hated JJ-prise. But the dimensions you listed above cannot be correct. According to a length of 442m the width is 185m according to the given schematics and not just 93 meters. The ships given hight cannot be correct as well. Taking into consideration that the average deck hight on Federation ships is 3,5m per deck and the ships number of 25 decks makes a hight of 87,5m. Now taking the given scematics into consideration the hight of that ship is 99m.
    Otherwise good work.
    Good catch. I see where I made my mistake - I alternated between reading the scale and the dimensions in Blender. The dimensions should be 186m wide, 443m long, and 99.4m tall. I put my thoughts on deck heights in the "Scaling the JR-Prise" piece -

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    Thanks, I'll take a look.

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    I really like this design

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkone View Post
    The JJ prize was way bigger and the 1701-a was over a hundred meters longer then the 1st ship!
    The true size of the jj-prise is more likely between 306 and 366 m. 725m is just ridiculous. See here:

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    Quote Originally Posted by SATR View Post
    I really like this design
    I'm beginning to wonder what it takes to get into the SOTL calendar, if it is possible at all to do so with a fan Connie.

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    I love this design.

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    Quote Originally Posted by publiusr View Post
    I love this design.
    Share it with everyone . . .

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    Welll now...what fine ship
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