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Thread: JR WIP Thread

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    Pretty cool, you're on a good way with this bird!

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    It may not look like it, but I've made a lot of proportion changes in an attempt to make this look better with the wings down. It's amazing how the B'rel BoP has no bad angles, but mine has plenty. I think it's because the B'Rel has one big center of mass in the body, but mine tries to be sleeker in the body while having two big masses on the wingtips. Looks fine with the wings up, but not so great when they're down. I'm sure it would look better with a bulkier body and little guns on the wingtips. I'll get it worked out.

    It's looking pretty sweet in the landing configuration, but I need to cock the nose up to keep the beak off the ground. Or I could leave it as is and say it makes the deflector module easy to service. I wonder if this ship is big enough to have a hallway in the neck?

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    Back on the BoP again. I'm glad I took a break until I had a better idea for what to do with the wing down position. I'm sure the wing mechanism will have to be excessively complicated to make it swing back as well as down, but I don't think that's inconsistent with the emotional nature of the Romulans. This ship may have taught them a lesson about having too many moving parts, by the TNG era the Romulans appear to have given up wing articulation entirely. You'd think by then they could do Transformers or Macross Battroids.

    The middle wing positin will now be the attack position, and maybe also the normal space cruise position. Or the down position could be both the warp and normal space cruise configuration. I suppose it depends on the mood of the captain.

    Starship - It's getting better but I didn't like the previous wing down position. I think I've finally got it, if I can work out the mechanics of the wing articulation without it being too overwrought.

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    Developing the wing articulation. It's going to have plenty of moving parts, but it's not so complicated that you can't understand how it works. The wing roots tilt up and down, and the spars swing back in forth in the wing root. The feathers rotate on the forward spar to stay aligned with the centerline of the ship. While the wing won't be useful for any kind of storage, it could still work as a radiator or a transmitter, and it's also good for holding the warp engines apart.

    Speaking of warp engines on a Bird of Prey, I wonder if the B'rel lacks visible warp engines as an explanation for why the TOS Bird of Prey couldn't go to warp? Was the B'rel also meant to be sublight only at some point? It sounds crazy, but the wing articulation was Nimoy's idea, he put some thought into what the B'rel should be. Maybe Nimoy did mean for the B'rel to be sublight, but then everything fell apart as the script evolved.

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    I'm visualizing how that articulation would look, and it's pretty cool. Will you be able to animate it so we can see it happen?
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    The mockup wing is animated. I can't say it's really great yet. It feels like a needless transformation - needs to be more an easily apparent reason to have the wings in each position.

    I've got a YouTube channel with a few low quality animations - XTIN Film

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    Here's the point where this one is officially starting to work for me. The wing sweep animation was bothering me before, but it's much more fascinating now with the negative space morphing as the wing swings. The negative space in the wing matches the space in the neck too, which IMO greatly improves the design with the wings swept back. I'm happy enough with the wings that I can move on to the attachment at the warp nacelles. The wings are going to work. The only problem I have now is that it seems like this could just as well be two different ships. Well, the warp engines have better line-of-sight in the back and down position, and the forward and up position would gather the mass of the warp engines around the center of gravity of the ship and make pitching rotations faster at sublight. I doubt it makes enough difference to justify articulating the wing, but since the wing has to articulate for landing, the forward swept attack position doesn't cost anything. It'd be great if the two configurations more obviously said "I'm for high speed warp" and "I'm for combat" though.

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    Here's an idea I'm not sure about yet. On the one hand, this definitely looks functionally different than wing-swept-forward mode. I think everyone can get that the wings are changing shape for the purpose of going fast. But is it still a Bird of Prey? Give me some feedback, does this expand the BoP lore in a good way or a not good way? Off the top of my head, I can't think of any Trek ship, other than Voyager, that has to transform before going to warp. I don't think the B'rel has to have the wings in cruise position to go to warp, although it normally would. We don't see a lot of really wide ships in Trek though, I'm not sure if the long ships are necessarily faster but surely it takes more power to warp a wide ship than a long one. Than again, it's a warp "bubble," not a tunnel, so maybe only the total volume counts?

    I've got two versions here, and I'm not sure which is best. Version A has the best line of sight between the warp nacelles, but getting the nacelles into that position won't be easy. The animation of the wings coming forward is kind of interesting, it has sort of an "up and over" effect - the nacelles go up and then come down as the wings pivot outward. The nacelles end up over the wings in the swept forward position too, which doesn't look as good as hanging below the wingtips, but is more similar to the TOS BoP.

    Version B has a problem with the wings blocking line-of-sight between the warp nacelles, but it will be easier to design a mechanism that gets the nacelles to this position. One of the nice things about version B is that the swept back wing position from the previous post is still possible. This ship could have at least four wing positions - although with the amount of articulation the wing has, more are possible. I don't know what they'd be good for, but they could be done.

    I'm going to have to reflect on this. It feels like too much, I'm not sure Trek fans will like it.

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    At the end of the day you have to design for yourself. For me, the only thing I don't like is the large fronts of the nacelles (just behind the spike) but that's just me. The work here is excellent!
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