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Thread: NX-01 Thoughts

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    I'd suggest that Vulcans would value efficiency over speed, and that the annular warp ring, while very efficient at lower to medium cruising speeds, becomes exponentially more power-hungry at higher warp factors (and harder to stabilise the warp field due to the lack of a paired set of field coils running in tandem).

    The dual nacelles meanwhile, sacrificed efficiency at lower warp factors; while boasting an improved stability and (as it would later transpire) the ability to attain higher warp factors more easily. This would explain Earth's brief flirtation with the annular warp ring, since their initial endeavours were deemed "inefficient" in comparison to the Vulcans' (as the Vulcan High Command no doubt smugly informed them)... before discarding the concept and going on to break successive Warp Barriers with impunity, and a set of paired nacelles. :P
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    According to this - Link it appears that, at least as of TOS era, the warp ring was faster than nacelles, but not as manueverable. So I suppose combining the two would either be an attempt to get a faster warp nacelle or a more manueverable warp ring.
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