View Full Version : Planetary Rings, using 2d texture

13th Mar 2007, 02:09
Originally did this tutorial a LONG time ago, 5 or so years?
It was posted on sci-fi meshes while ago but guess it got wiped last year with the hiccups :(

3d Tutorials: Planetary Rings -1 (http://www.silverblades-suitcase.com/artofadreamer/tutorials/htm/2a.htm)

Although made for Bryce and PaintSHopPro, it works with about any 2D app and any renderer that can load .obj models.
Includes a free ringed planet obj model (basic but it works! :lol: ), and texture file (.psd format, though you can use .png or make alpha maps)

It's not high tech, it's not MAX or Lightwave, but it works, and easily tweaked :)