View Full Version : Challenge #6 - TheGreatRaja - Recumbent Chair

16th Jun 2007, 22:11
got the idea from a recumbent bike. :)
granted it's far from done :)

16th Jun 2007, 22:31
Nice bucket ;)

16th Jun 2007, 23:53
very nice, only problem I have with those kinds chairs is my a$$ tends to slide out of them cause I wiggle a lot when I sit *l* usually have to angle the seat part upwards a bit to prevent it

still, looks like an excellent start

17th Jun 2007, 00:15
Wow, cool! I love the armrests, and you even used hexagons!

17th Jun 2007, 01:45
Nice modelling going on there!

17th Jun 2007, 02:02
very slick looking... kind of reminds me of a seat in a high performance car that's been modded a bit... great modeling too!

17th Jun 2007, 04:53
I'm not totally Happy with the seat.
some quick background on what it will be :)
a single seat attack sub, quick, silent and oh so deadly :D
here's a very rough sketch of what I want it to look like
excuse the poor quality of the sketch, all I had was photoshop and a mouse to do it with.

17th Jun 2007, 13:42
That chair is nice . . . reminds me of a Farrari, not that I have been in one, but I have seen pictures . . .:D
Awesome start Raja

18th Jun 2007, 06:42
an update on the outer shell
still fighting the nose. :)

18th Jun 2007, 06:51
Very nice chair man... the craft reminds of the Stinger from SeaQuest!

On a side note, I thought we weren't supposed to de the surroundings! Ofcourse I can see how it helps design the actual chair!

18th Jun 2007, 07:01
The main reason for the hull was so it gives me the area limits of the chair.
It's also why I have stopped trying to design the whole thing :) that's for after the contest

18th Jun 2007, 09:56
Looks excellent so far, but yes, I also agree it could do with having the seat angled upwards a little bit. Putting constraints on the location is a good way to feed the design process, as it helps you to hone your thinking: Knowing where it goes means you're not designing in isolation, and it'll also mean you should find some good places for control panels. Perhaps if you design at least half the housing, some of them could be located on the 'walls' either side of the chair? Also, with this type of design you could also put in foot pedals, or controls like joysticks or steering wheels, for rapid reaction, which should be pretty cool!

19th Jun 2007, 21:57
been fighting the chair :) added greebles behind it but am worried I may have modelled myself into a corner with the arms of the chair (which I have redesigned twice) and may have to redesign them.

I have omitted the canopy for clarity

19th Jun 2007, 22:10
Good stuff dude!

My only concern at the moment is the where the elbows would go. perhaps make a recess in the back wall and have the armrests longer? Im assuming they are adjustable?

19th Jun 2007, 22:39
Hmmm yeah... modern fighterjet ejectionseats don't have armrests atall... cuz that's where all the buttons are:D...

On another note... If I where to sit in that, and actually be able to rest my had AND see the forward controls, I think I'd want some sort of headrest that bent forward, instead of continueing along the same line as yours does...

My 2 cents!

20th Jun 2007, 10:53
Visually I'd say lower them a bit and push them towards the back a little.. they look too high and uncomfortable now, and depending on where the controls are, they may get in the way a little. They look fine though, nothing wrong with them (or to put it another way I love the way they look hehe).

From the very reclined position, I am imagining the controls will cover quite a bit of that, since they will need to be quite forward, so you can reach them comfortably, without sitting forward. The greebles look lovely! You should also look at adding a harness to that as well, since it looks like that kind of control chair! :D

23rd Jun 2007, 06:14
Thanks for the feed back :)
Been making some changes as well as adding more greebles :)
the original Idea was for a hud that would cover the hatch, but I have since nixed the idea and redesigned the main hatch.

23rd Jun 2007, 06:19
Nice modelling!

I like all the greebles behind the chair

23rd Jun 2007, 21:57
Nice, it's slowly getting better! :)

25th Jun 2007, 05:35
redid the hull, as well as the windows and added the main vid screen

25th Jun 2007, 11:07
coming along very well! :thumb:

25th Jun 2007, 21:46
So are you putting the hand controls either side, where the palm rests are now? that could be quite cool, it'll remove the clutter, and reduce that claustrophobic feeling of a steering column over them. I like it!

26th Jun 2007, 04:45
Okay, added the flight controls and throttle controls. still got more switches and greebles to add but I felt like seeing what a quick render would look like.

Edit : Desaturated image by 25%

26th Jun 2007, 05:22
ohhh.. .the texturing is looking nice... just one suggestion.... maybe try it slightly less saturated. Everything looks really beat up and grungy but if it's a bit less saturated it might help it look a little more photoreal also...

Really love the detailing and overall design!!

26th Jun 2007, 22:08
Hmm I think the textures could use being a little more subtle! :) I also reccomend you try the new occlusion node db&w - finest plugins (http://www.db-w.com/component/option,com_remository/Itemid,84/func,select/id,13/) it's excellent! set it's range to quite low, maybe 20cm, to save on cycles, and it should aid with the grungy look!

27th Jun 2007, 17:54
took the Textures back to factory fresh :D

27th Jun 2007, 18:53
Thats looking quite nice! good job! :thumb:

27th Jun 2007, 22:43
Definitely looks better matey, but perhaps still a little off around the chair padding

28th Jun 2007, 12:41
Looking much better, though you do seem to be suffering from Jpeg compression or something, try setting it a little higher, if you can?!

The render is now much easier to read, perhaps some subtle spec maps and some occlusion shading should really bring out the details. Excellent stuff! :)

28th Jun 2007, 22:18
I can't seem to get Occlusion work and spec seems to have very little effect

29th Jun 2007, 09:20
This is to remind you that the Challenge closes tonight (29th June) at midnight CDT (GMT -6).

Please submit your final entry at the Submission Thread (http://www.scifi-meshes.com/forums/challenge-wips/28941-submission-thread.html). If you already did you are free to ignore this message. ;)

29th Jun 2007, 21:17
My not so Final image

Damn these Ideas!

29th Jun 2007, 21:22
Cool looks sweet. The only thing maybe to have suggested, for the beauty shot, woul dhave been some over-user spotlights, to make the interior sing a little, and maybe some reflection blur/brushing/anisotrophy on the gold metal.

30th Jun 2007, 03:07
okay, here's the Final Final :D

30th Jun 2007, 05:16
So friggin' cool! great job TGR!