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Thread: A Sovereign styled Nova

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    Okay! I've just about reached substantial completion of the modeling. I figure that I've got some more greebles to add to the hull, but the ship modeling is mostly done. Textures are going to be a mess...

    Here is a set of current orthos and a deck height overlay. I finally edited a few of the things which have been on my list for a long, long time.

    I also have some comparison images with Raul Mamoru's Incredibly excellent Nova model, which I found on Trek Meshes and imported into SketchUp. I have scaled it to 180.7m, which was a number I found on Memory Beta and matches the scale of my ship roughly. (please excuse missing polys... porting into SU is messy at best.) I included two comparison images here, but the rest of the comparison orthographics can be found here in my Imgur album for this ship. (and, where you can also find larger versions of the images below)

    I also wanted to do a comparison with the Sovereign class, but my ported model is a mess and the scale is vastly different. Maybe in the future...

    Here is a download for the WIP model from the Warehouse, if you'd like a closer look.

    I'm still not sure where I should put the ship name and registry, but I'm sure I'll figure it out.

    And, I still need to look at the RCS thrusters, edit a few stand-in mesh components, add hull bumps, and do a few other things.

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    Great stuff, you did an awesome job on this model.

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    You've definitely done it justice. Nice job!
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    Not to shabby for a merged ship Saw to total progression of your model before I made a comet due to fact the I HATE the NOVA class and wish it never saw it on Voyager!

    Now for your efforts a give and A+ due to fact the you really put the effort on building the Legacy in the modeling good job!

    Now that you shown you can work with existing models and do a "kit bash" ( good Job too) why don't you try and do a 100% original Star Trek model ? Why not try and so something in a 100 years ahead or even 200 years ahead that conflicts with nothing done in those eras in time? How about an Original 26th U.S.S. Enterprise Make that Ship your own!
    Just a thought and good job again!
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