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@BolianAdmiral: Thanks!

@Rusty0918: Glad you like them!
Really? While reading that bit in my head the image that formed of the bridge was more like the Enterprise-C/Zodiac bridge. I can definitively see en Excelsior-Class with the Galatea style module.
I could see that. Both the Ent-C/Zodiac style and that variation of the Galatea/Charybdis/Brandbury configuration are quite similar. Though I would picture the Poseidon's main viewer to resemble the Enterprise-D battle bridge viewer which was seen a lot on guest bridge sets.

The SS Sirena's bridge (the Lantree-type Miranda-class ship in the prologue) I picture looking like a cross between the USS Reliant's bridge in TWOK and the USS Stargazer's bridge from TNG's "The Battle." Instead of the two turbolift access doors and that "Systems Status," we'd have a single one right behind the command chair with those two funky side stations a la Reliant from TWOK with the ST4-6 style okudagram interfaces. The rest of the bridge would be like the Stargazer, complete with old/style helm/nav station with HELM and NAV being labelled.

Speaking of the Ent-C/Zodiac style, that's how I picture Bio-lab one on the Galaxy which is shown in "Sound of the Shiant" to look like.

Besides, Starscream and Rekkert, what do you two think of "Sound of the Shiant" so far?