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Thread: Enterprise Refit VR Exploration Project

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    I respect the work you and the community have done for years in making sense between interior sets and external hull.

    There is scope as I see it, for hollow areas beneath floors for technology, wiring, etc so set height is not 1 to 1 with deck height, and some underfloor areas could be larger on other decks.

    We are in a weird place where designers are becoming more cognisant of matching interiors to exteriors. So modern technology and bigger budgets would make you think that getting these right would be more important - as well as easier.

    Tech like Unreal Engine, and Minecraft put their own spins on designing these huge ships in their entirety. But Minecraft for instance has its own limitations of 1m blocks which also put restrictions on these endeavours.

    As for the airlocks, we have 2 primary sources for them. The Travel Pods from TMP, which I am not entirely sure of the scaling for, either for fitting people in, or exterior dimensions. And the one episode of TNG where we see the airlock corridor connected to the Starbase.

    I guess my point would be, for a VR project, the interior sets could be given the priorty over the external dimensions. So you re-scale the exterior. And there are examples of that happening with Doug Drexler and John Eaves doing it for their work on Enterprise designs and MSDs.

    And you could take the external dimensions as gospel, as established over decades, and re-design/tweak/adapt the sets to match. Which works well if you intend to spend more time outside of the ship, than inside. And if you consider the sets as more of an interpretation of what the interiors would be like, if it were not for budgets and studio restrictions.

    In the end it is a choice for people like yourself to make these decisions, and represent your vision. I guess I am just curious as to whether those that have re-scaled, does the new scaling make sense? Does it solve the issues you are coming up against? Does the same problem affect ships designed in the TNG era. (I know there have been issues with TNG sets like the Bridge to Observation Lounge connection, Ten Forward, Ready Room window - that the Stage 9 designers have had to rationalise).

    I can only hope the next 50 years of Trek create ships with as much care and detail as people like yourself, Stage 9, MineTrek, do, and try not to "fudge" it.
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    Good to see you over here as well!

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